Was Putin going to transfer nuclear weapons among NATO countries?

Was Putin going to transfer nuclear weapons among NATO countries?

While Finland and Sweden want to formalize their candidacy for NATO membership, Russia is warning that joining these neutral countries would be a “fatal mistake” and “the consequences of which would be far-reaching,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei said Monday. Ryabkov.

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With the potential membership of these new members of the Atlantic Alliance, the Baltic Sea will become a NATO lake, with one exception: the Russian enclave in Kaliningrad.

Located between Poland and Lithuania, Kaliningrad has a population of nearly 490,000.

“It is very special. Charles Philip David, founder of the Raoul Dandurand chair, explains in an interview with TVA Nouvelles, that Russia acquired it after the Second World War, and it is a very important enclave that it kept for itself.

“It’s Russian, Russian enclave, Russian territory, Russian power,” the expert insists.

He notes that there are rumors that Putin has already transferred nuclear weapons to this place.

Putin was going to deploy nuclear weapons there. I expect him to enhance the capability of Russian weapons in this enclave at the heart of NATO. This will pose other problems for neighboring countries such as Poland and Lithuania. We are not done [Poutine]That’s for sure,” confirms Charles Philip David.

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