Grote Industries introduces the 4SEE Intelligent Trailer System

Grote Industries introduces the 4SEE Intelligent Trailer System

Groot Industries It has developed the 4SEE Intelligent Trailer System, a combination of hardware and software that will allow truck fleets to more easily access data about their activities and improve road safety.

4SEE technology works by linking the belt, forward connector, and multiple sensors, creating single data points useful for fleets. The 4SEE connects all components using a digital harness system that connects without grease and has a single point of contact – the 4SEE front connector – at the cabin entrances. 4SEE technology can be integrated with existing IT solutions.

The proximity sensors that are part of the 4SEE system will assist drivers when changing lanes by warning them if the vehicle is in a trailer blind area. The Digital Harness System also provides modules for connecting legacy equipment and digital equipment to the same instrument, while isolating them to prevent parts of the system from interfering with each other.

The manufacturer is already taking orders and expects the system to be available as early as October.

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