United States: This “foolish” dog finds a family thanks to Facebook

United States: This “foolish” dog finds a family thanks to Facebook

An antisocial dog has reportedly found a family thanks to a Facebook post that went viral in Texas.

The animal – named Eddie – is described as a “goofy” by the Humane Society of Wichita County shelter.

“Eddie hates other dogs, he weighs 17 pounds and can beat a Rottweiler and win […] “We want Eddie out of here because he is scaring our big dogs,” we can read in the November 16 post.

The organization goes on to compare the dog to a wife-beater from the Bronx who would be able to beat up five men at a bar without spilling his beer.

“So, if you think you’re man enough to adopt him, be our guest,” the shelter concluded.

Incidentally, this is a post that would have discouraged anyone working because 8 hours later Eddie was adopted.

“I’m so happy to say that our ‘foolish’ dog has found his forever home!” (Même si je suis presque sûr qu’il pourrait facilement les crier), everything will be fine!” Highlight the asylum on the social network.

So, in order to go to Linda Brooks and her daughter Taryn, the dog left the Humane Society of Wichita County. Her new family received so much attention that they decided to create a Facebook page for them – Ahole Eddie (Eddie the Asshole) – which already has thousands of subscribers, Fox 4 reported.

You could say it was the harsh comments that led to the adoption of the nearly year-old dog. In fact, the shelter had shared photos of the animal two weeks earlier — and then introduced it with kinder words — to no avail.

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“This dachshund cross is Eddie! He is almost a year old and is a bit nervous at the shelter, but becomes very sweet once he makes friends with you! He has very nice manners and we are looking forward to placing him in a good home.”

Only after the harsh truth about Eddie was revealed did he find a family.

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