Anguédou’s CT is an excellent example of trust and successful friendship between Ivorians and Portuguese (Marcelo de Souza)

Abidjan, the Waste Transfer Center (CT) of Anguédou, in the municipality of Yopougon, is an excellent example of trust and successful friendship between the Ivorian and Portuguese people, as noted by the President of Portugal, Marcelo Robelo de Souza who visited there on Friday accompanied by Ivorian Vice President Daniel Kaplan Duncan.

“It is in the simplest but crucial things that we see the bonds of true friendship that unite people. Such is the case of this center which is an excellent example of trust and successful friendship between the Portuguese and Ivorian people. Together they have shown their abilities, finding the answers necessary for the well-being of the population. Well done,” writes Mr. Robelo de Sousa is in the guestbook of Eco Eburnie, a subsidiary of Mota Engil of Portugal.

The Minister of Sanitation and Health, Anne Oluto, explained that, following a call for applications, this waste management company was awarded in Abidjan. “Eco Eburnie, a subsidiary of Mota Engil of Portugal, and Clean Eburnie have already demonstrated their proven expertise in terms of cleanliness in the Abidjan region,” she said with satisfaction.

According to Anne Oluto, Portuguese expertise is also expressed in the design, construction and operation, according to the rules of the art, of the Landfill Recovery and Technical Center in Coussehoeen (north of Abidjan), the first reference in solid waste treatment. Managers and their equivalents in West Africa.

The transport center aims, in connection with the new waste management policy, to allow small collection trucks to go there to transfer their contents to larger trucks. It is responsible for transporting the waste to the technical landfill center in Kosihoen.

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According to the general manager of Eco Eburnie, José Pinto Rodriguès, in addition to being a transportation hub, this site houses the headquarters of his company where a canteen, hospital and changing rooms for employees have been built, as well as a garage for the maintenance and maintenance of machinery.



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