New information about Deliver Us Mars

Unveiled in March, We gave up on Mars It made many players flustered with anticipation. While that We gave up on the moon Improving next generation consoles soon, the next KeokeN Interactive game has no release date yet. But we had a right to some additional information thanks to an interview with Xbox Wire.


Legacy on the Red Planet

We gave up on Mars It will take place 10 years after the events We gave up on the moon. We will discover a new character as well as a bot known to players. Since Earth’s resources are limited, humanity must go further into space to find new forms of energy. More elements will be revealed in the coming months regarding the story, and its theme is important to the developers. This can be enjoyed without playing the first opus, but players who have finished can be enjoyed We gave up on the moon He will find well-known characters and some narrative elements. Action capture scenes should be amazing according to the studio.

Game Updates

The teams didn’t want to rest on their laurels and decided to improve the gameplay since then We gave up on the moon. New mechanics appear in addition to the puzzles of the original game. For example, it will be possible to climb items that will help to navigate the wastelands of Mars. Other mechanisms will be revealed later.

Deliver Us March trailer:

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