Uganda: A 70-year-old woman gives birth to twins

Uganda: A 70-year-old woman gives birth to twins

A 70-year-old Ugandan woman has given birth to twins, in an “exceptional achievement,” her doctor told AFP on Thursday.

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Doctor Edward Tamale Sally, who supervised her pregnancy and birth, told AFP: “It is an exceptional achievement to give birth to twins.”

Mother Savina Namukwaya described the birth of the twins, a boy and a girl, as a “miracle” on Wednesday.

Edward Tamale Sally continued that the mother and children are in good health and are still under observation in a facility in the capital, Kampala. Safina Namukwaya usually lives in rural Masaka, about 120 kilometers west of the capital.

This seventy-year-old woman gave birth to a baby girl only three years ago, after she was called the “Cursed Woman” because she had previously failed to have children.

She had no children with her first husband, who died in 1992. However, Ms Namukwaya’s current partner, whom she met in 1996, did not come to attend the birth, much to her dismay.

“Maybe he is not happy that I gave birth to twins… for fear of the responsibilities that come with that,” she said.

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