Why modern science or Islamic sciences?

Tehran (Ikna) – The status of hadith sciences in jurisprudence is clear, because history and ethics are narratives told by teachers, and that is why the science of hadith is called the “mother of sciences.”

Ayatollah Seyyed Hashem Hosseini Bushehri said during the opening ceremony of the specialized library for hadith sciences: “Hadith science is the mother of religious sciences, including interpretation, jurisprudence, ethics and story. The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “God loves the sublime,” meaning that God loves superior deeds. Work Great is the cause of admiration and respect of peoples. Everyone who attains spiritual and material status has made great efforts. Self-improvement and personal effort require great effort. Basically, if we want to define courage, we have to define it as great effort and in a war of wills, the will that is superior to others wins.

The Library of Hadith Sciences is a product of the work of Ayatollah Sistani’s office. The Library of History, the Qur’an, Interpretation, Qur’anic Sciences, Jurisprudence, Philosophy, Arabic Literature and many other libraries located in Qom have been completed with great efforts. The Dar Al-Hikma Library in Baghdad, the Egyptian Dar Al-Ilm, the Alexandria Library, and the Sahib Bin Abbad Library sometimes brought books containing 700 sentences. At the time of the Abbasid caliphs who hypocritically launched translation work, books were translated while at that time Europe was living in darkness.”

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