Trump should stand up for mental illness: It’s his best defense

Trump should stand up for mental illness: It’s his best defense

37 new charges will be brought against Donald Trump on Tuesday. From a legal point of view, his best defense is a defense of mental illness. The deep narcissism he suffers from pushed him to crime.

More than 80 judges conceded his defeat in the presidential election, which he has challenged in numerous lawsuits. Trump is absolutely convinced that his election has been stolen. He is firmly convinced that he is always right.

For him, cheating, which he practices in everything from golf to money management to politics, is a way of life that allows him to satisfy his ego when situations turn against him. Unfortunately for Trump, the American justice system remains independent.

A lawyer for Trump said he would be charged with conspiracy, distortion of facts, obstruction of justice and illegal possession of documents, among other charges. Trump is entitled to the presumption of innocence, as any accused. But appearances against him are very strong.

1. How can narcissism affect someone’s judgment?

A look at medical websites online shows that narcissists need to be admired wholeheartedly, to feel they deserve everything, and to be envied by everyone. They lack empathy and take advantage of others for their own ends. When criticized, they can fly into a wild rage and lock themselves in contempt. In the face of defeat, they deny the facts, blame others, and lie. Invoking mental illness could lead to Trump’s acquittal. But the deep narcissist rarely acknowledges his illness.

2. Why isn’t Joe Biden being prosecuted for keeping classified documents?

Everyone understands that American presidents manage tons of documents and some of them can get scattered unintentionally. Thus, classified documents were found in the office that Biden used after his vice presidency. However, unlike Trump, Biden has not hidden the documents or refused to cooperate with authorities. On the contrary, Trump pulled things off and declared that the documents were declassified, when they weren’t. Even worse, the documents that were about military secrets from China and Iran appear to have disappeared. Thus, Trump’s position cannot be compared to that of other leaders.

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3. If convicted, can Trump be elected president?

Nothing in the United States Constitution prevents Trump from running for president. In theory, he could be a prisoner and run the United States from his cell. He can also clear himself of crimes he would have been guilty of by the federal courts.

4. Will Trump benefit from the upcoming experiences?

Trump is taking advantage of the looming trials, as Trump’s twisted logic leads them to see conspiracies everywhere. The more justice follows Trump, the more they are convinced that some evil and dark people are trying to confiscate democracy.

On the other hand, other voters, most of whom are not Trump, will distance themselves from Trump.

5. Can the Supreme Court overturn judgments against Trump?

The Supreme Court can overturn sentences against Trump. However, her bias is more of an ideological nature than it relates to political figures. It would be surprising if its justices overturned decisions unfavorable to Trump on political grounds.

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