Orthys: Connectivity, a major – and delicate – issue

Orthys: Connectivity, a major – and delicate – issue

During the last city council meeting, Tuesday 24 May, Mayor Emmanuel Hanoun indicated that elected officials from various political quarters were consulted on the matter. Discussions focused particularly on equal treatment in terms of public expression, hence the decision to grant four spaces of 4,000 characters each to the various components of the council: for the majority, and for the three currents of opposition. “The constituent groups of the municipal council are valued at the time of elections,” the mayor specified in response to opponent Luis Miguel Conneiro, who questioned the possibility of conveying a privileged space of expression to elected officials. Susan of the majority, but in internal opposition for months.

Valerie Marchehaus, elected on the mayor’s slate and on the advisory board of St. Suzanne, did not react long. Disapproving of investments for the associated municipality – she and Vice Mayor Anita Piosti did not agree on the city’s last two budgets – expressed “disappointment” at not being consulted about the future communications authority: “Beyond the truth and said you don’t want information about the associated municipality to appear in the This magazine, Anita Peusti and I find it extremely damaging that we are excluded from this meeting.” The mayor repeated: “I have consulted the various groups resulting from the elections. This I have also done for the group to which I belong, which at some point decided to leave. The intervention was followed by an eloquent silence.”

Smartphone app

“The advisory board is also legitimate to launch its newspaper, wanted to comment on opponent Luis Miguel Congero. So if you cannot express yourself by chance in the city magazine as representatives of Sainte-Suzanne, you are free to publish the village newspaper. Who was told that said means of communication already exist…

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Exchanges that illustrate the extent to which communication has become a major and sensitive issue for elected officials of all stripes within societies.

The mayor invoked the concept of “regional marketing” to persuade the benefit of the new window in favor of Orthes’ image. He also announced the launch – hopefully in the fall – of a smartphone app dedicated to the city. This is to diversify the channels of communication and the media through which “immediate and regular information is delivered”.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Tuesday, 5 July.

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