Trump has pleaded not guilty to attempting to manipulate the 2020 Georgia election

Trump has pleaded not guilty to attempting to manipulate the 2020 Georgia election

Former US President Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, according to a court document filed Thursday.

This is the fourth criminal case in which the businessman, who is running for the White House again and remains the frontrunner in the Republican primaries, is being prosecuted.

No date has yet been set for his trial in this case.

The former president, who was arraigned September 6 for his public arraignment in Georgia, indicated in the court document that he had waived his right to habeas corpus and therefore should not travel to Atlanta again.

Trump and 18 others, including his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani, were charged in mid-August with illegal attempts to reverse the 2020 election in this key state, which was won by incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden.

The Organized Crime Act, used by the Public Prosecutor in this case, prescribes prison sentences of between five and twenty years.

In this case, Donald Trump had to go to an Atlanta jail last week to put him on file. He was shown a photo ID, a first for a former US president, before quickly leaving.

Judicial marathon

The 70-year-old is also accused in New York of suspicious payments to a former X-movie actress, by federal justice for electoral pressure during the 2020 presidential election as well as negligence in managing classified documents after he left the White House.

The former president has pleaded not guilty to all of these cases. He systematically attributes his legal setbacks to the Biden administration, which he accuses of “election interference” to block his path to the White House. Joe Biden is also a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

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He attacked the platform, “I did nothing wrong” by questioning the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

In any case, the Tempest Republican is preparing to experience an extraordinary 2024, between the campaign and several trials, in March and May, a calendar that could still evolve. The presidential elections will be held in November.

Ironically, each legal development brings him millions of dollars in campaign donations, paid by Trump supporters convinced he is the victim of a political cabal.

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