25 most beautiful Portuguese names for girls

25 most beautiful Portuguese names for girls

Are you expecting a baby girl? our end ! It’s time to enrich your prenatal contact list. Whether it’s to honor your origins or because you find them beautiful, Portuguese first names will catch your eye. We have chosen for you our Favorite Portuguese names for little girls That generates. A list that will inspire all future parents in search of the rare pearl.

Why choose the Portuguese first name for your daughter?

With their sonorous sounds and precious meanings, Portuguese first names have something to charm you. The Portuguese girl names often ending in -to me while these are for children ending usually From before -o. Given the great fashion for endings in France, most Portuguese first names will undoubtedly be familiar to you.

whether liviaOr Amélia or Nélia is well established in France, and there are many Rare Portuguese Names Where you can stand out. You may like Andreia, Yara, Graciella or Bruna if you are looking for a profile Rare Portuguese first name for a girl. Finally, you should be aware that “nome” (Portuguese first names) has the peculiarity that it comes from different origins. Most of it is taken from Hebrew, Latin, Arabic and even German. Diminutive of the word Cornelia (“raven” in Latin), Nélia is also the first name of the tribes and means “little flower”. Daniela and Ava, for example, are popular first names of Hebrew origin in Portugal. Bruna comes from the Germanic language. This diversity makes them successful.

Which portuguese girl name would you choose?

Whether you’re looking for a modern or authentic first name, there’s something for everyone. Among the great classics, we find Maria, Leonor and Mathilde in the top three Most women’s names given in Portugal. On the side of the girls’ original first names, Bruna means “armor” and very few remain. Are you looking for a short first name? The Lua’s name It means “moon” in Portuguese and is pronounced “lua”. It is sweet, original and easy to write first name. Alpha, which means “dawn,” can also tempt you. This is the Portuguese variant of the first name Alba.

Religion occupies an important place in Portuguese culture and way of life. If this criterion is important to you, then you can turn to Portuguese first names of Christian origin. This is the case of Magdaléna, Maria, Iva (alternative Portuguese ego for “Eve”), Isabel, or even Raquel. If mixed first names appeal to you, Lio might be your pick. It’s one of the very few Mixed Portuguese Nouns !

Best portuguese names for girls

There are a plurality of Cute Portuguese names for girls. Here is a non-exhaustive list of 25 first names from which your future favourites may be hiding.

  • alpha
  • Amelia
  • I
  • Andrea
  • Bruna
  • Karl
  • Delia
  • philippa
  • Eva
  • Isora
  • joanna
  • leonor
  • Leo
  • Legia
  • livia
  • loa
  • color
  • Lucia
  • Maria
  • nelia
  • Pola
  • Rafaela
  • next
  • film
  • Yara

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