Tiger mosquitoes: red alert in Occitanie

Tiger mosquitoes: red alert in Occitanie

From orange alert to red alert In a few days, the tiger mosquito is becoming more and more in Occitanie. The problem with this species is that it can transmit dangerous tropical diseases.

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Occitanie is placed in red alert on the map mosquito vigil For a few days as a direct result of tiger mosquito breeding in the area. Insidious and carrier diseases, they are active from May to November. The presence of the insect was rarely very important in France. Today, 67 departments in the city are affected.

In spite of Strong presence in the region Occitane, Isabel Esteve Mocion, vector control coordinator at ARS d’Occitanie wanted to reassure Sud Radio’s microphone: “Red by itself does not mean an important alert.” Actually, The indication only indicates the presence and activity of the insect in the area. So a red alert is triggered because of their great activity.

Unlike heat mosquitoes, which are black, noisy and only bite, tiger mosquitoes are smaller, silent, black and white and only bite during the day.

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health It publishes in its press release several ways Warning of their attacks. “Wear loose, covered clothing”; Mosquito repellents, outdoor coils or even mosquito nets at night.

Another recommendation: remove all stagnant water around his house. In these waters mosquitoes breed. Second, the ministry is asking citizens to report the presence of tiger mosquitoes in the affected neighborhoods or towns at the site. audio signal.

Especially since the tiger mosquito can be a carrier of several viruses. Dengue virus, chikungunya or ZikaAll three are dangerous to humans. If you travel to an area where cases have been reported, the The first reaction is to consult a doctor. Indeed, in the case of a bite, symptoms are not always felt or even absent. However, it is possible to get infected with a virus without realizing it and pass it on in turn.

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previous cases

in Occitanie, 24 cases (particularly dengue fever) were listed between May 1 and December 10, 2021. This represents 14% of the number of cases in France.

to me’World Health Organization (WHO), dengue infection has been developing continuously for more than ten years. you can between 100 and 400 million injuries annually However, it explains that more than 80% of these infections are mild or asymptomatic “.

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