La Ferté-sous-Jouarre: a health and wellness center opens its doors!

La Ferté-sous-Jouarre: a health and wellness center opens its doors!

Deschutes Center, a health and wellness center. Remember… A few months ago, the medical center opened its doors to… La verte su jour. Since then, a whole new dynamic has arisen. Monday, October 16, 2023, On the initiative of Delphine Destereo (Osteopath), formerly of 65 Conde Street, which Deschutes Center opened its doors to 4 Roger Street. Located a few steps from the station, Health and Wellness Centre Attracts new professions to the area. A virtuous circle.

La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, an attractive town. Formerly at 65 rue de Condé, Delphine Destereo He rolled up his sleeves to create Deschutes Center. ” I was alone in my orthopedic office I wanted to create a healthy space And multidisciplinary well-being. “After a few months of work, The Deschutes Center now accommodates six practices With an area of ​​more than 125 m². ” The office is welcoming nurse (Melina Hilbert) Orthopedic doctor (Charlene Cole) Life coach (Elodie Lachaise) psychiatrist (Caroline Olivier) Nutritionist (Laura Antunes) And orthopedic specialist (Dolphin Destereo). Fertois and the surrounding residents will be able to find us all in the same place. “My topic? Facilitating access to care! Currently, there is still one locker available. Do you want to join the team? Feel free to call Delphine Destrieux on 06 47 45 97 83.

Joint practice, the ideal solution to combat medical desertification? why not ! Since opening Deschutes Center, the synergy works perfectly between all health professionals. ” We realized that in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, there is still a significant shortage of health professionals. We had over two months of work, and we provided access to the PMR: accessibility ramp. We did some beautification work and renovated the place. We made it a warmer place, added decor, and redesigned the waiting room and certain rooms. ” near Deschutes CenterPatients can easily come by train, on foot or by car (a few places in the blue zone). After a few months of work, Fertois now has a bright, warm and functional space. ” The patients we see are very happy. In their eyes, the space is very large, welcoming, beautiful and completely new. It’s a really different dynamic. Before I was alone in my office, now, I have colleagues with whom I can discuss patients or ask for their opinions. We often communicate with my colleagues to discuss specific cases. » Leitmotif? The patient’s well-being comes first!

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Is the health and wellness center intended for children? Well that’s true! Depending on the profession, a patient may be cared for from birth until adulthood. ” I do a lot of pediatric screening myself (learning disabilities and vision screenings). My colleague Charlene Collet focuses heavily on infants and children. She has specialization in this field. We have Caroline Olivier, a psychiatrist, who looks after children from the age of six. After that, all other health professionals take care of children and adults. » With a life coach, you can even learn how to make a life transformation. The Deschutes Center fits perfectly into our daily lives. It’s an asset. All other professionals are not people who have moved on. They are very accepting of new patients. We are a 2-minute walk from the station, which gives direct access to all people coming by train from Meaux or Château-Thierry. » Depending on the case, practitioners take care of emergencies…and new patients! ” Honestly, I feel better in joint group training. Before that, I was really isolated. Our skills as practitioners will be increased. I see patients of all ages. » Maybe you need an osteopathy or psychology session? In the second case, the professionals discuss with each other for your well-being. Setting an appointment is almost instant. An almost unique process!

Deschotes Center is located at 4 Rue Roger in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre. The Health and Wellness Center welcomes a nurse, osteopath, life coach, psychologist, nutritionist and osteopath. Practitioners can be contacted separately. All their contact details are listed on their shared Instagram page: Deschutes Center. More information by phone on 06 47 45 97 83.

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