Tour de France: The Flag of Secession

How do you distinguish the good separation from the bad? Instead of three strangers, three generations of escape doctors offer their theories on the art of escape: Sylvain Chavanel, Tony Gallopin, and Lenard Kamna.

All of them have already succeeded in Grande Boucle. Even if the German, who took almost a second win on Friday, is only 25 years old, Tony Gallopin has already awarded him a diploma of specialization: “As soon as he arrives, he plays for victory.”

. Cycle anatomy

The beginnings of the Tour de France don’t help the run, which generally intervenes once gaps are created, “with everyone exhausted,” retired Sylvain Chavanel explains.

“The profile is also important of course, it is better if it is high,” says the Grande Boucle triple stage winner.

“When the stage is flat, it’s the lottery,” Oyonnax victor Tony Gallobin developed in 2014. “You have to take the right wave and therefore success.”

However, we must not be too selective, according to Kamna, as we were caught less than 200 meters from the finish line at the Super Planche des Belles Filles. “I don’t pick a particular stage. It happened to me in the Giro, I totally wanted to be in a breakup because it seemed like the perfect day for me. I missed it because I was so active before the right move.”

. multiplication of experiences

According to Kamna, the correct movement is unpredictable. “You can’t feel it’s the moment, it’s different every time, bora climber. You have to try a lot.”

“I also miss a lot of the shots I’d like to be on, except there’s no one to see,” he says.

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One of his greatest successes, at Etna in May in the Giro, was the result of chance. “I wasn’t planning on being in the breakup situation. It happened like that, the same opportunity came up.”

Even if luck is provoked, Sylvain Chavanel slips. “If we guess the interested runners and communicate well with them, we discuss: + If you are interested, do not stay away from me and try to leave together. + There are small arrangements, tokens.”

. collective intelligence

The fate of the fugitives is largely due to the composition of the group. Kamna insists that “everyone should be excited”. To play to win, there is no place for publicity breaks or contestants present on instructions and for the enjoyment of their sport director.

Among his chosen companions, he spontaneously cites “Kaspy” Asgreen, “the good guy”. “When I see him in separation, I always feel happy,” he says of the Dane who accompanied him through the seventh stage.

“There are always Macron riders, we know them, and there are others we would like to ride with,” Galopin sums up. The main thing is to co-exist well. Once we reach the final and victory is at stake, it is different, it becomes tactical.

. low target sample

The number of winning splitters has swelled in recent years – eight on average over the last three editions – under the influence of course designer, Thierry Giovino assuming “not to put in too many sprints”. However, the window remains narrow, and many parameters must correspond.

Sylvain Chavanel recalls at the 18th Tour de France, I only had three victories. The target is too small. When you know the breakup is coming to an end, you should definitely + sign +. “

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Without there being a secret. “There is pressure but you have to keep your cool,” Mimosa describes.

Kamna has no more recipe than retired Chavanel. He explains, “I look at what other people look like and try to find where I can separate myself from them, but above all, you shouldn’t underestimate your opponents. That’s my motto.”

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