Live – Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus, D-1: Neymar, Paul Pogba, the penalty gate … Mbappe says all about the hot issues

This is the end of this press conference

Kylian Mbappe has been smiling a lot less than he did the last time he appeared in front of the press, and it was during his contract extension. He has made clear his position at least “as of today” on the Pogba case, stating that he would prefer to choose to believe Paul Pogba rather than his brother Matthias. He also explained the nature of his relationship with Neymar. We’ll see them on the pitch tomorrow night on RMC Sport 1 at the start of the PSG Champions League against Juventus.

In relations with Neymar

“It’s the sixth year with Neymar. We’ve always had a relationship like this, based on respect, but sometimes with colder and warmer moments. It’s the nature of our relationship like that. I have a lot of respect for a player that is. When you have two players who have strong personalities. Like this, you have moments like this but always with respect and in the interest of PSG.

On penalties, who will shoot?

“We’ll see, there’s always a discussion. We have to see how it goes during the match. We’re not both closed. Number 1 doesn’t mean you take all the penalties, that’s not in any club, let alone playing with 3 players like that. We’ll see tomorrow. But there are no problems with that.”

when turning

“You have to accept, even if it’s not easy. The coach knows that as a striker, you want to play and score, but the coach has a more global vision. If you think that when I go out I’ll be the panay, I won’t get it, but you have to accept the coach’s decisions, it’s The ship’s captain “.

Does what happens correspond to the project sold at the time of extension

“This is neither the place nor the time. We are here for a Champions League match and it is better to talk about a Champions League match.” It’s a strange way to sidestep the question.

About the Pogba case and his relationship with Paul Pogba

“No, today I’d rather trust a teammate’s word. Today that’s his word against his brother’s, I’m going to trust my teammates. This is not the time to add to it, I’m completely detached from all that.”

Ali Achraf Hakimi

“He has to meet those demands. He came back this year with other daily demands. He knows the club is counting on him. It’s up to him to continue like this.”

A place now for Kylian Mbappe and many controversies

“The start of the season was successful, even if I thought it could have been better, even if I had to prepare for the time. You have to know how to distinguish what happens on and off the field. The most important thing is to help the team.”

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Traveling by private plane and trains?

controversy of the moment. Galtaire bursts out laughing. “I thought we’d have that question out there. This morning, we spoke with the cruise company and we’ll see if we can’t cruise on a sandy yacht.”

Donnarumma pregnant?

“In terms of the hierarchy, it’s like that, I’m happy with Gigio’s performance, Keylor is available to the team if there’s a need but I’m happy with Gigio.”

A little extra pressure on this competition?

“No, there’s no extra pressure. I really want to play it, show what we’re capable of. I didn’t say I didn’t have any extra pressure, I said I didn’t have any extra pressure.”


“I am confident in our ability to play and play to win. The players are starting to take their direction. We will have to insist on our attacking animations to create as many risks as possible for Juventus.”

What do we fear at Juventus?

“There are high-level players, a coach who knows this competition very well. It is very difficult to maneuver.”

Vitinaha is perfect to start with

“He conducted the entire tactical session and opponents.”

PSG’s favorite in the competition?

“No, that would be too reductive compared to other competitors. Every year 8 or 9 teams think they can win the Champions League, they often don’t go to the end, there are surprises, incredible scenarios. That the club has the ambition to win, that is legitimate. We are the favourites, I don’t think so.”

It’s the beginning of the press conference, we start with Galtier

Who does not hide his happiness. “I noticed after our victory in Nantes that the players presented themselves very quickly in tomorrow’s match. It is the first time I have seen players present themselves so quickly in a match, either collectively or individually. There is a desire to start this competition, with a great poster.”

Today’s info

Vitinha, who was touched, is in the group but trained separately. On the other hand, Angel Di Maria, is not in the Juventus squad and will miss his reunion with Parc des Princes.

The hall is full

It is not conf like others. The start of the Champions League, always a special moment. First there will be Christophe Galtier followed by Kylian Mbappe.

Press conference begins at 5:45 pm.

Kylian Mbappe will be alongside Christophe Galtier. Juventus will hold their press conference in an hour.

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Juventus: Di Maria is absent, Paredes is present

Massimiliano Allegri informed the Juventus group about the trip to Paris on Tuesday (9pm, in RMC Sport 1) against Paris Saint-Germain on the occasion of the first day of the Champions League. Injured at the start of the season and substituted in the break this weekend in Fiorentina (1-1), Angel Di Maria is absent from the group. He will miss his reunion with Parc des Princes unlike Adrien Rabiot and Leandro Paredes…on loan from PSG.

Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is out due to injury. It is likely that Mattia Perin will be the one who will keep the Torino goals.

Juventus group:

Pensolio, Perrin, Garovani – Di Siglio, Bremer, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Gatti, Bonucci, Rugani – Locatelli, McKinney, Cuadrado, Costek, Meriti, Rabiot, Paredes, Fagioli – Vlahovic, Milek, Ken, Soleil.

How the Premier League upset the Agnelli duo and my controversy

On Tuesday evening at 9pm, PSG faces Juventus in the big comeback of the Champions League (on RMC Sport 1). In the official gallery, Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Andrea Agnelli will meet side by side. The two presidents of the club have gone through ups and downs, especially ups and downs.

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PSG team with Vitinha

Unconfirmed After the kick he received in the knee, Vetnia is in the Paris Saint-Germain group to receive Juventus. The first in the Fabian Ruiz collection.

Parisian group

Navas, Hakimi, Kimpembe, Ramos, Marquinhos, Verratti, Mbappe, Fabian Ruiz, Neymar Jr, Bernat, Danilo Pereira, Rico, Vitenha, Renato Sanchez, Sarabia, Nuno Mendes, Mukele, Carlos Soler, Messi, Eketek, Donnarumma

Al-Khelaifi and Campos are in training

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain, and Luis Campos, the sports advisor, attended the training session on Monday on the eve of the Juventus reception (9 pm, on RMC Sport 1), as part of the first day of the Champions League. (Fabrice Hawkins)

Vitinha is in training

While there was concern after his exit against Nantes on Saturday in the Ligue 1, the trend is now somewhat positive for Vitina’s presence against Juventus this Tuesday in the Champions League. On Monday morning, the Portuguese midfielder is already present at the capital club’s training session. He does separate exercises with a physical trainer.

Young players Ayman Curry and Warren Zaire Emery are also in attendance. The session started with Toru.

with Arthur Perot

More information here.

What is the value of Juventus?

As Juventus prepares to visit Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday night for the first day of the Champions League group stage (9pm, on RMC Sport), the Bianconeri are struggling to impress at the start of the season. With 9 points in 5 days, the balance sheet is absolutely correct. In terms of the game, concerns are growing, between indifference to the ball and disorganized defensive phases.

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>> Our analysis of the Juventus match against Turin

Doubt about Di Maria

Founded in the draw against Fiorentina (1-1), Angel Di Maria went out in the break. Two days before the Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain, the Juventus striker is not yet sure if he can secure his place.

The victim of a calf kick, according to Tuttosport, the condition of the former madridista will worry the Italians.

>> Latest news from Angel Di Maria

New Test Monday for Vitina

Forced to give up his place to Renato Sanchez at La Beaujoire against Nantes on Saturday, Vitina had tests that proved somewhat reassuring on Sunday morning, but PSG will review the Portuguese midfielder’s left knee condition on Monday morning. Vitinha could take part in the training session scheduled for 11am at Camp des Loges before considering a place in the squad to face Juventus.

>> All our info on Vitinha

Why Kimpembe will not be suspended against Juventus

Despite his three yellow cards he received last season in the Champions League, Presnel Kimpembe will not be stopped from receiving Juventus Turin on Tuesday night.

Article 52.05 of the UEFA Champions League regulations states that “the suspensions were not the result of repeated warnings and individual cautions issued in the UEFA Champions League.” […] The three yellow cards that Presnel Kimpembe received last season, unlike the red that injured Alexis Sanchez with Inter, during the round of 16 against Liverpool, have been cancelled.

>> More information here

Juventus Turin program

At 11 am, the Turiners will train in Italy, before setting off for Paris, where Massimiliano Allegri will be at a press conference at 6.45 pm.

Kylian Mbappe will be at a press conference

France international will be accompanied by Christophe Galtier to speak to the media during a press conference that will begin at 5:45 pm.

Before that, a final training session will be organized at the Camp des Loges at 11 am.

Palestinian Authority

good morning everyone

After long months of waiting, the Champions League is back this week, in particular the confrontation between Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, Tuesday at Parc des Princes (9 pm on RMC Sport 1). On the eve of the meeting, Christoph Galtier is expected to participate in a press conference. Follow all the information before the match in this live broadcast.

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