Officially at the level of the RTX 3060M?

Officially at the level of the RTX 3060M?

Intel released via Tomchardwer The expected performance of the A770M on 17 games with the performance of up to 3060 phones?

Arc A770M: faster or slower than a 3060 mobile?

Above all, comparing performance on a laptop has always been a rather delicate issue depending on the chassis used, which may be more efficient than others, with the same GPU and the same TGP.

Thus, some laptops With the same 3060, it will be able to perform honorable or even better than the 3060 desktopOthers will come with versions whose capabilities will be limited by the cooling system.

So Intel developed two previous series laptops equipped with Arc and 2 . GPUs laptops With NVIDIA GPUs:

  • Intel Arc A730M Processor (80-120W), i7-12700H, DDR5-4800
  • Intel Arc A770M (120-150W), i9-12900HK, DDR5-4800
  • MSI Pulse GL66: RTX 3060 Mobile (85W), i9-12900HK, DDR5-4800
  • ROG Zephyrus M16: RTX 3050 Ti Mobile (60W), i7-11800H, DDR4-3200
Standard Arc A770M
Video Cards

In 17 games on average, Intel announced that the A730M is 13% more efficient than the 3050 Ti mobile and the A770M is 12% more efficient than the 3060 mobile. The numbers seem encouraging primarily for their releases. laptopbut also for versions desktop. But here we go, comparisons on laptops More complicated by TGPs and cooling.

Owning an Intel NUC X15 with an 80W RTX 3060 i7-11800H laptop, which is very good cooling CPU and GPU, I wanted to test one of the games that Intel put on their list, which is Borderlands 3 with the same Settings 1080p Ultra HD.

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Borderlands 3 3060M Intel NUC X15

with this laptop, I get around 78fps, which is barely more efficient than the A770M, but about 30% faster than Intel’s chosen 3060 Mobile.

So we must take the published numbers very carefully, whether the performance of the same graphics card in a file laptop It may vary, due to the TGPs applied by the manufacturers or the integrated cooling system. So we’ll have to wait for the first Reviews Especially different laptops to get a real idea of ​​the performance.

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