This $1.6 billion sci-fi epic is in its final days on Prime Video

This $1.6 billion sci-fi epic is in its final days on Prime Video

be careful ! The first three films of one of the best sci-fi epics will be nothing more than a vague memory for Prime Video subscribers. They quickly caught them before it was too late.

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After making their directorial debut with the thriller film commitment toThe Wachowski sisters gained some fame with their next project, Matrix. The feature film, which brilliantly combines science fiction and action, follows Thomas Anderson, a young computer scientist known as Neo. He is contacted by Morpheus, who offers to unravel the mystery of “The Matrix”. Intrigued, Neo soon goes to his office where men from the FBI, led by Agent Smith, are waiting for him. He escapes and joins Morpheus, who makes him an incredible discovery: the world he lives in is nothing but an enormous illusion. Released in 1999, Matrix It was a huge success at the box office, collecting over $400 million in revenue on a budget of $63 million. The success that gave birth to the trilogy is about to disappear from it Prime Video. Please note that you have less than fifteen days to catch up The top three Matrix Before they leave the streaming platform for good on November 14. If feature films are about to disappear from Prime Video, fans of the sci-fi epic will have to go to Netflix to watch them.

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Watch the Matrix movies in streaming

Matrix : This is the actor who was going to play Neo instead of Keanu Reeves

This will be an opportunity for subscribers to (re)discover Keanu Reeves in the shoes of Thomas Anderson (or Neo), who was not the director’s first choice. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Will Smith were approached at the time to play the lead role in the sci-fi film. At the end of the 90s, a star The Fresh Prince of Bel Air He was at the height of his fame after the success of his films Independence Day, Bad Boys And Men in black. But I am not convinced by the scenario Matrixthe actor rejected the Wachowski’s suggestion to prefer West Wild Westwhich enjoyed much less success in contrast MatrixWhich is considered today one of the best science fiction films.

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Keanu Reeves, the hero of the new successful saga

After watching the sci-fi trilogy, viewers who subscribe to Prime Video will be able to find Keanu Reeves in another hit saga, John Wick. More than ten years after the first MatrixThe actor returned to action cinema by playing the role of John Wick, a former hit man, who was enjoying the joys of retirement until the day a Russian gang broke into his house, stole his car and killed his puppy, a female beagle, his last memory. His wife died after a long illness.

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