New AMD SP5 socket: 4 x current Ryzen size

New AMD SP5 socket: 4 x current Ryzen size

AMD announce Epyc 7004 processor series, Codename Genoa, at the end of last year. These brutal new processors will use Zen 4 architecture and are clearly meant for servers. Built using TSMC 5nm process, It will contain up to 96 cores / 192 threads. But despite the use of 5 nm technology, its size is impressive: SP5 socket contains 6096 pins49% more than 4094 of its predecessor and 46% more than the current Intel Xeon socket, LGA 4189. The following details will allow us to discover which AMD SP5 socket will accommodate these monsters.

To achieve this, photos are not enough without putting them in perspective. SP5 occupies approximately the size of the current Ryzen 4 or … 1/3 of a mini-ITX motherboard : Each CPU measures approximately 75mm x 72mm.

AMD SP5: Amazing Socket

Epyc Genoa processors should arrive before the end of the year and certainly AMD has already handed over many of its big customers to qualify this new generation. CPUs will compete with Xeon processors Sapphire Rapids From Intel also expected at the end of the year that will also be compatible with DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5.

AMD Epyc Genoa

Video Cards An image of an alleged EPYC Genoa processor posted in the past few hours shows 12 chiplets installed on the SP5 package. This image appears to be a sample image that allows display of slide layouts.

AMD SP5 Epyc Genoa

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