They have revealed the secret of extremely rare pink diamonds

They have revealed the secret of extremely rare pink diamonds

Researchers at Curtin University, who have been examining rocks rich in pink diamonds, recently made a major discovery. They have identified an ingredient that explains the rarity of this gem.

Today, experts estimate that 90% of existing pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in northwestern Australia. However, no one knew why these famous gemstones were available in this region of the world. Especially since the vast majority of diamond mines are located in continental countries, such as Russia or South Africa. Now, scientists believe they have solved the mystery of this rarity. In a study published in the magazine Nature CommunicationsResearchers from Australia’s Curtin University point out this Pink diamonds are believed to have formed approximately 1.3 billion years ago, during the break-up of Earth’s first supercontinent.

A “key ingredient” behind the rarity of pink diamonds

As Hugo Ollerock, the first author of the study, explains in an interview with AFP, researchers already know of two components that allow the formation of a pink diamond. The first is carbon, which lies at a depth of more than 150 kilometers. If it was closer to the Earth’s surface, this would not happen “Not too pretty for A.” Wedding ringHugo Ollerock confirms. The second element that allows diamonds to form is none other than very high pressure. “Just press a little, and it turns pink. But press a little more, and it turns brown.” The geologist continues. but that is not all ! For such a gemstone to come into existence, there must also be a third, recently discovered ingredient: a “stretch” of continental masses during the breakup of the continents. This natural phenomenon would have been created “Violations” In the Earth’s crust, allowing diamond-bearing magma to rise to the surface.

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Researchers are looking for a new mine

With this discovery, scientists hope to find a new, prolific mine like the Argyle mine. However, experts don’t expect to find it any time soon. Most diamond deposits have been discovered in the middle of ancient continentsbecause Volcanoes “The ones they harbor tend to be more vulnerable on the surface, so explorers were able to find them.”“, explains Hugo Ollerok. And in conclusion: Argyle lies on the border of two ancient continents ; However, these intersections are often covered in sand and dirt.”

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