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Over the course of thirty years, Jean-Baptiste de Banaview has traveled to various exhibitions and events such as the latest edition of Saint-Life in Diagora Labige, which allows him to fully exercise his passion, even his reason for living: the transmission of scientific knowledge! This oceanographer by training, a former high school teacher in life and earth sciences, works as a lecturer and also dedicates himself to writing with illustrators, making it possible to associate the action with the image in order to better impart knowledge. It’s up to Jean Baptiste to publish the themes through a kind of semi-fiction with high-quality graphics and graphics. His latest book: “Extinctions: Twilight of Species” by Delachaux and Nestle/Dargood: “On an island in the Arctic Ocean, journalists Emma and Lewis go for two months to follow a scientific team studying the deadly dangers posed to wildlife How entire species become extinct What science says about The sixth mass extinction we are witnessing today What are the first five species How did they happen and in what context?And after us, the Flood?….

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