When the memory of the Holocaust is erased so as not to disturb diversity

When the memory of the Holocaust is erased so as not to disturb diversity

It’s a German story, but it could have taken place anywhere in the West.

Therefore, in Germany, a daycare center named after Anne Frank, the famous Jewish girl exterminated by the Nazis in 1945, at the time of World War II, wants to “rename itself.”

the reason: Le Figaro He tells us that the reference to the young martyr offended young people of “diversity,” especially young Muslims and their families, who are demanding a more appropriate school name for their children. They arrive in a country and ask it to adapt to their identity, rather than integrate into it.


In other words, in order not to offend diversity, the leaders of this nursery deemed it necessary to erase the memory of the Holocaust. We will see the climax of the Holocaust: not only were the Jews subjected to genocide, it is considered inappropriate today to remember it, because it disturbs the new inhabitants of the continent.

Some will say this is an isolated event.

They are wrong.

In France, since the beginning of the 2000s, the Holocaust can no longer be taught in some Islamic schools located in suburbs transformed by immigration.

Because too often, the Holocaust has been denied. Or worse, some scoffed and wondered why Hitler had not completed his mission.

Behind this lies the falsification of history.

We seek to make Muslims believe that they are the Jews of our new age, and that Islamophobia has succeeded anti-Semitism as an identity neurosis in the Western world.


So why honor Jewish memory, especially since the Islamic left accuses the Israelis of doing to the Palestinians what the Germans did to the Jews?

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In other words, the Jews must step aside. Their memory has become exhausted. As if we wanted to make them disappear again.

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