Miscellaneous facts. A motorcyclist dies after being hit by a plane in Guinea

Today, Saturday, the airline said that a cyclist was killed after colliding with a plane belonging to Portuguese airline TAP while it was landing at Guinea Conakry airport.

The Portuguese airline said in a statement that the crash of Flight TP 1492, which took off from Lisbon on Friday, occurred when a motorbike “attempted to cross the runway” as it landed.

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“All safety measures were followed, but it was not possible to avoid the accident,” TAP said, adding that no passengers and crew were injured.

Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the accident.

TAP’s return flight, which was scheduled to land on Saturday in the Portuguese capital at 5:10 a.m. (6:10 a.m. French time), has been cancelled, according to information from the Portuguese airport manager (Ana).

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