The wines from Domaine des Météores really do taste like a meteorite!

10,000 years ago, A meteormeteor It crashed into the side of a hill in the south of France. Today our vines grow in and around the crater. » This is what can be read at the opening of the Domaine du Domaine website. meteormeteor, an estate located in the Languedoc mountains. Marketing ploy or scientific fact? affiliate Goethe University researchers (Germany) now finally offers an answer: Yes! The vines in question were anchored in a depression about 220 meters in diameter and about 30 meters deep that had been excavated by a meteorite impact.

Several analyzes confirm this. First, discover the seams colorcolor darkness in one of the oily Rockoily Rock. It can correspond to impact veins caused by crushing and fracturing rocks during impact. The discovery of angular rock debris also has been grouped together by a type of BuildsBuilds » Which can also be produced during a meteor impact.

Then, observations show that the Earth’s magnetic field is slightly weaker in the crater than in the surrounding area. Typical meteor impact craters. and the discovery of oxide microspheres ironiron – It has also been found in other impact craters – and many fine diamonds – such as may result from uplift pressurepressureduring a meteor impact

A group of observations that, according to the researchers, can practically lead to only one conclusion: a meteorite has indeed fallen on the Languedoc mountains.

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