The surprise is at the end of his streak: a young fisherman pulls out a purse full of money

The surprise is at the end of his streak: a young fisherman pulls out a purse full of money

A kind-hearted 14-year-old fisherman who allegedly fished a wallet full of cash from a lake in Minnesota has tracked down its owner to recover its contents, which went missing a year ago.

My cousin opened the wallet, said words I probably shouldn’t repeat, and it showed [le contenu] to all. “We took the money and dried it up,” Connor Halsa, 14, said in an interview with WDAY-TV this week, according to the New York Post.

During a family trip this summer to Woods Lake in Minnesota, the 14-year-old felt a weight on the end of his fishing line. But instead of finding a fish there, the young man was surprised to discover a wallet full of $2,000.

Without wasting a single minute, the young man and his father had taken it upon themselves to find the owner of the money. Fortunately, the wallet also contained a business card for an Iowa farmer named Jim Denny.

Called by the teen’s father, the farmer would reveal the loss of his wallet, which would have slipped out of his pocket without him noticing while he was fishing a year earlier at the same lake.

When he paid for his lodging, the bankrupt and embarrassed farmer realized he had lost the big sum.

“It’s the [pire] I felt like I never had, for not having a penny with me, he would in turn trust WDAY-TV. I tell you, take the wallet in your hands [aujourd’hui]It’s still hard to believe.”

After meeting the Good Samaritans, the farmer allegedly tried to hand over part of the money to them as thanks – which the teenager allegedly refused.

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“We didn’t work hard for the money, he did it. It’s his money,” and he was content with responding to the American series, according to the New York Post.

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