Nubia Z60 Ultra: Android smartphone with updated multi-camera design revealed in a new leak

Nubia Z60 Ultra: Android smartphone with updated multi-camera design revealed in a new leak

the Nubia ZTE announced in It will launch “the first Ultra for 2023-24” “She’ll come out.”The first ultra for 2023-24“, suggesting that it will launch its next flagship Android smartphone before Samsung does Samsung Before Samsung. Leaks indicate that the Nubia Z60 Ultra is flatter on the sides than its predecessor.

Nubia is a pioneer Flat camera bump With the Red Magic 9 Pro this year ; However, the effect is only partially visible on the rear camera that was featured in Nubia’s initial teaser. He seems to have lost a lot of height compared to his height Z50 UltraBut it is possible that he also lost the central part, Xiaomi 13 Ultra-. It seems to have lost height compared to the Z50 Ultra.

In fact, the red-edged lens as shown is actually just one of three lenses on the back of the Z60 Ultra, below a differently shaped black lens and next to a third lens with a clear periscope zoom. Binoculars magnification From the nature of the scope. At least this is what appears from the latest information on Weibo Which claims that the Z60 Ultra will be available in white as well as black in its official posters.

The leak also indicates that Nubia has worked hard to get the model working Classic camera There’s even a long, thin flash next to the red flash, Leica– In one corner, though it’s too blurry to tell if it’s a real camera A native Authentic or not.

Regardless, the elements of the device’s back panel contrast sharply with the camera located below the screen (United Development Company) which, again, is very similar to that of Red Magic 9 Pro. It can be operated by Snapdragon 8 3rd generation And other premium internal components in the Z60 Ultra.

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