The smartphone takes first place in the DXOMARK photo rating, find out which one

The smartphone takes first place in the DXOMARK photo rating, find out which one

Huawei is known for releasing smartphones, each one more impressive than the last in pictures, and it has proven that once again with its new high-end device. The latter rose to first place in the DXOMARK photo rating.

The Huawei name is often associated with premium optical phones, where in recent years its high-end smartphones have one after another taken first place in the DXOMARK photo rating. After the P60 Pro earlier this year, the Chinese giant has achieved this feat again with a new smartphone.

with Total score: 157 pointsand this is the last Huawei Mate 60 Pro+, which is a higher version of the Mate 60 Pro phone, which now dominates the global rankings. That’s one more point than the old P60 Pro, and at least 3 more points than Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ is the best camera phone of 2023

According to DXOMARK experts, The Mate 60 Pro+ excels at still photographyProviding exceptional results in various scenarios and lighting conditions. It strikes an excellent balance between detail retention and noise reduction, ensuring accurate subject exposure, wide dynamic range and pleasing color rendering.

him too Favorite smartphone for photosThanks to the variable aperture ranging from f/1.4 to f/4. Variable aperture improves depth of field, allowing for wider focus in group photos. Bokeh mode excels at depth estimation, which is often a nightmare for many smartphones.

The ultra-wide-angle camera and telephoto lens were not excluded, as they contribute significantly to the overall performance of the device. The ultra-wide-angle camera, in particular, received the highest scores so far. Thanks to the high level of detail, low noise and reliable autofocus system.

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With a total of 160 points, the Mate 60 Pro+ easily takes first place in the photo category. DXOMARK also highlights that the Mate 60 Pro+ shows responsiveness and accuracy when capturing moving scenes, allowing you to immortalize the decisive moment. The Mate 60 Pro+ handles motion blur and ghosting in animated scenes admirably.

Without surprise, The low-light capabilities of the Mate 60 Pro+ are among the best. Offers wide dynamic range, controllable image noise, and high levels of detail. Finally, with video, the Mate 60 Pro+ is an excellent choice, especially in terms of stabilization.

However, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ isn’t perfect.

Despite its impressive capabilities, DXOMARK still notes some drawbacks. For example, while the Mate 60 Pro+ offers excellent video stabilization, It can’t quite match the video performance of top competitors like the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Additionally, experts note that an ultra-wide-angle camera may show a distorted image, making subjects near the edge of the image appear elongated. On the close-up side, zooming in too much will “soften” images, causing them to lose sharpness and clarity.

Finally, DXOMARK points out that video autofocus, while generally fast and smooth, can exhibit slight inaccuracies indoors, leaving room for improvement. However, Huawei can still fix some of these issues through future updates.

Either way, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro’s high score promises to be hard to beat. A few more smartphones should try it out from the beginning of next year : Xiaomi 14 Ultra, OPPO Find X7 Pro, Vivo X100 Pro+, as well as Honor Magic 6 Pro. It’s clear that the next Huawei P70 Pro might be waiting for them everywhere.

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