The seventh defeat against the backdrop of a confrontation between the president and the local press

The seventh defeat against the backdrop of a confrontation between the president and the local press

In Khouribga and since the election of the new leadership of the steering committee, there has been a real confrontation between the president and representatives of the local press.

Thus, as soon as the President of the OCK, Mr. Yusuf Jagili, was elected, after demanding that the local and national press credit each match of the tournament for access to a press exhibition that does not even exist, he refused to organize a press conference as required by sports tradition. And to answer questions from the press.

Disregarding the right to information, the president signed his contract with the Portuguese coach in disguise and we only got to know him through the web.

Even worse, the president traveled to Portugal to sign a partnership agreement with Benfica, and representatives of the Portuguese club’s football school were invited to Khouribga, and there was no representative of the local press. As of this writing, we have not received any information about all of these events.

Isn’t this strange for a licensed addressee who has become the president of a sports club? Even worse, the boss promised to meet with the press after the OCK-RCA match, but so far nothing has happened.

For this match against Asfar, the leader of the general classification, which promises to be one of the most exciting encounters in this Top 12.y The day of the professional championship tournament 1 Inoue, Olympique Khouribga, penultimate to play at home, burdened with 6 defeats and zero victories and still unable to move away from the bottom of the standings even by one degree.

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For this extreme match that drained the huge crowd, the Portuguese Ricardo and his men had only one choice, a first win that would give them a breath of fresh air for the rest of the competition.

As for the military formation, joined by Al-Fath Rabat at the top of the standings, and who defeated them on the last day, they will try, at all costs, to avoid a second setback that will surely be exploited by their immediate pursuers, including Wydad. who just outdid HUSA.

Mohamed Ballout blew the kick-off whistle and the attacking initiatives were undeniably rich in phosphates, as Youssef Ouqadi’s teammates seemed eager to get that first win everyone was waiting for in Khouribga.

In front of this local pressure, the French military coach, Fernando da Cruz, responded with quick counterattacks organized by Zakaria Fati and Ahmed Hammoudan on the wings.

at 19y A minute, Ismail El Harrach scored a goal, but the video assistant referee approved Balot’s whistle due to a handball.

The local maneuvers continued to be more dangerous in front of the military, who began to gather themselves and impose the game in the camp of Khiribaki until 41y The minute when Zakaria Fati managed to freeze the local defense line to open the scoring with a powerful shot from twenty meters left no chance for Mohamed Ferni.

Khouribga’s reactions to this goal were in vain, and Balot sent everyone into the break.

On his return from the dressing room, the phosphatas seemed determined to return to the score, but it seemed that luck would not smile at the Portuguese men, because at 68y In the minute, Lamine Diakite, who Cruz was preparing to replace with Adam Al-Nafati, made the score worse, a goal that was confirmed by the video assistant referee after the assistant referee indicated offside.

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Bellot added 8 minutes of extra time and 6 more to stoppage time when a fan invaded the field of play, but so little was done that Khouribga could at no point come back to score despite a boisterous crowd that didn’t go down. , throughout the game, neither the arm nor the voice to support his players in these really difficult moments: 5 points in 12 games, so the alert is… red!

We must also pay tribute to the police, who managed, despite some injuries in their ranks after the match, to control the situation and arrest dozens of hooligans.

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