Félix Lebrun took gold at the 2023 European Games at the age of 16, his brother Alexis the bronze

Félix Lebrun took gold at the 2023 European Games at the age of 16, his brother Alexis the bronze

After an exciting match, Félix Lebrun won his first international title at the 2023 European Games.

The 16-year-old table tennis player beat the Portuguese Marcus Freitas In the men’s singles final (4-3), when he got off badly at the start of the match and then led by 3 sets to 2. But this Tuesday, June 27, at the Hotnick Arena in Krakow, the youngest of the LeBron brothers was not so clear that he could not lose to 67 in the world.

“It’s absolutely crazy, I didn’t expect that,” he responded into a microphoneOlympics.com. “To take the competition match apart and to get this gold medal is unbelievable.”

Felix Lebrun, currently ranked 31 in the world, snatched the gold medal hours after the bronze for his brother Alexis, 19, who was unable to play in the third-place match due to the withdrawal of the Croatian. Andrey Gasinavictim of a cramp that had already troubled her during half her life, and lost to Felix.

Two brothers on the podium is very rare and you should take advantage of it! Follow the 2023 European Games champion.

The entire French team was there to support Felix, especially his brother Alexis (see below), Prithika Pavadi And Jia Nan Yuan.

The support that made the difference, especially when he fell behind 8-6 in the seventh and final set before turning the tide and converting a third match point.

“I watched the whole French clan,” he said. They were very supportive of me and I tried to make use of their energy. It worked well and I thank them for that. »

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On the Romanian female side Bernadette Szok He won a tense final against Monaco Xiaoxin Yang (4-3), while trailing 3-1.

Alexis and Felix LeBron’s results at the European Games 2023

Felix LeBron: “Be Bigger”

In the stands, the big brother also witnessed a match full of emotions, losing to Freiras in the half, depriving him of the 100% final Lebrun. He first saw his brother trail 6-0 in the first set, bounce back into the game and struggle again.

“I’m a little crazy when he plays and there, I was crazy! I feel so much emotion and with this match… I’m so happy.”

Two medals in one day for the LeBron family. The youngest wins the gold and Alexis humorously prepares for a few rooms.

“I know he will take the opportunity to confuse me, but I am very happy with my medal and very proud of it. I will gladly take the annoyances.”

For the time being, Felix preferred to show off the successes of his older brother, especially the winner Zhendong Fan In April, help him believe in his chances.

“Of course my brother’s success has helped me. We play a lot together and seeing him beat the world number one has shown me that it is possible. It has helped me a lot to keep going.”

After the bronze in doubles at the 2022 European Championships, they opened the singles counter.

Just over a year from Paris Olympics 2024good dynamic sons Christophe LegotQuarterfinals Sydney 2000 Olympics In two versions, it continues.

To what extent ? Nobody knows, but they don’t seem to set limits.

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“It’s a medal in a very good competition,” Alexis LeBron begins. ” after [Félix] I think like me, it’s only the beginning and we have a few years ahead of us. We will try to get bigger.

Felix agrees.

“Winning early is very rare and I’m very proud of it. I trained a lot for it and I’m very happy that it’s happening now. I hope that continues, that I keep progressing to become bigger.”

Félix LeBron vs. Marcus Freitas in the Euro 2023 Final: Match Movie

Abused during the early points of the game, Félix LeBron quickly found himself at 6-0 against him but managed to put his offensive game to work and get back to 8-6. The Portuguese left player made four set points and in the third set he took the first set 11-9. LeBron trails 1-0.

The beginning of the second round is more balanced. Alexis sets the pace and leads 9-4 thanks to quick attacks but also through exchanged holds or by blocking. He won 11-5 in the second set and came back to a set in the all-around.

Same scenario in the third set as Felix took a 9-2 lead with some great backhands. He won the set 11-5 and leads 2 sets to 1.

The fourth set begins by highlighting the Portuguese, who advanced 5-2. The two states of mind collide: the Portuguese takes his time, and Felix wants to play fast. Freitas wins and recovers 2-2.

Félix LeBron plays smart and changes the power of his shots as much as the length of his balls. But Freitas responded, and the Frenchman found himself trailing 6-3, then 8-4. Alexis LeBron, who is in the stands, encourages him in this difficult moment. Still losing 11-6 and No. 62 in the world was going 3-2.

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Félix Lebrun returns with new intentions and after winning the first point quickly, wins the second after a long rally. He leads 7-1 against an opponent who can no longer find solutions. The French won the sixth set 11-2 and came back 3-3.

Felix leads 3-0 and Freitas asks for a timeout. The Frenchman continues his attacks by taking the ball very early, leaving no space for his opponent. But upon changing teams, Freitas came back in the game at 5-4 and it was the turn of Nathaniel Mullen, the LeBron brothers’ coach, to call a time-out. The atmosphere is tense and at 6-8 o’clock, the French clan is seen. It’s about 9-9. But at the end of the match in an unrealistic scenario with exciting exchanges, LeBron won 13-11.

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