The send button in WhatsApp has a new function, here’s what happens if you press it for too long

The send button in WhatsApp has a new function, here’s what happens if you press it for too long

Do you want to send a photo or video on WhatsApp that disappears immediately after viewing it, like Snapchat? This is possible thanks to the unique display function that can be accessed directly from the send button.

Do you know single view photos and videos on WhatsApp? This very practical but little known function allows you to share secret content that disappears as soon as you view it, leaving no trace behind – just like what you find on Snapchat! It can be a somewhat compromising photo, a joke, intimate content, a symbol or a picture taken on the spot, for example – in short, “one-time use” files! From the moment the recipient opens the photo or video to view it, once the media is closed, it will be deleted and they will not be able to see it again. And if he wants to watch it again, he will get a notification telling him that the content has expired and that you must ask you to send it again. In addition, with this mod, it is impossible to share it, save it or take a screenshot of it. Please note that single view photos and videos are different from temporary messages, which are deleted after a certain period of time between 24 hours and 90 days. But WhatsApp can give more importance to this type of content. Indeed, the instant messaging program is working on a new list of messages that allows sending single-view photos and videos, as noted by the specialized site. WABetaInfo In the beta version of the Android app.

The current list to send a single display picture. © CCM

WhatsApp: New menu for sending single-view photos and videos

Currently, to set a photo or video to be visible only once, you must attach a photo or take a photo in a chat. You must then press the small icon shaped like a 1 in a circle, located on the right in the area designated for the legend, before sending it. But with the next release, you’ll be able to do that with a new message menu, by pressing and holding the send button – the little green arrow on the bottom right of the screen. A new menu will then appear, allowing you to choose to send the photo or video as a video message at once. But be careful, it doesn’t work with GIFs.

The new listing to send a single display picture. © Wapita Info

WhatsApp is constantly enriched with new functions in order to attract users and stand up to the competition. IM now allows you to send photos and videos in HD (check our article) and share your screen in real time during video calls. And she doesn’t intend to stop there! Meta, the parent company that also owns Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, is currently working on new text editing and formatting features for WhatsApp, as well as creating your own stickers with a simple text command, thanks to artificial intelligence, within the app. Instant Messaging does not rest on its laurels!

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