Football: The Portuguese is roaming in the League Cup

Portuguese club FC Porto gave themselves a healthy rally on Sunday against Avisne-sur-Helpe in the 32nd final of the non-priority competition.

However, the teammates Ryan da Vega (OUR PICTURE) She didn’t go into detail against a struggling team, penultimate in their R3 group. “They played with their weapons, their start to the tournament is complicated, They were not present in this game commented the coach of Amiens, Benoît Sturbois. “To take something from our performance, the players were very serious, we won’t say we were incompetent, because we scored 11 goals, and I like to put in as many as possible every weekend, especially against R3, but we still miss a lot of situations in front of goal. »

Despite a salty note upon arrival, we still had to wait Minute 21 to see Podivin Open the result. The FCPPA attacker offers itself a double take (2-0, 25 degrees)before seeing Avesnes Sur Help Reduce the mark to the half hour mark. before the break, Reynolds He scored two more goals and scored a hat-trick early in the second half (5-1, 51′). The festival continues thanks Ryan da Vegaentered half-time, quartet composer (9-1, 80 degrees). Amiens does not rest at the end of the game. Siragadini (87′) f Isambart (90′) worsening score (1-11).

On arrival no photo. This match will have the advantage of allowing players to keep up the pace, without taking cards or complaining about injuries. by the way, Ribeiro He was able to serve up his comment. So it’s a good preparation for the big game against her Saint Just in Chaussythird place in the championship, this weekend.

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Porto Amiens (Match 2) – Avesnes Sur Help (R3) : 11-1 (4-1)

Goals: Poidevin (21′, 25′), Reynolds (33′, 42′, 51′), Da Veiga (53′, 59′, 70′, 80′), Siradjidini (87′), Isambart (90′).

Portuguese club Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Duvauchelle, Seguenebou, Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier – Renold, Isambart, Vasseur – Poidevin
Take: Da Veiga (46′), Idez (46′), Wable (46′)

Julian Benistoo
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Sports Gazette (archive)

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