The Portuguese XV (also) does not plan to respect his Welsh opponent

The Portuguese XV (also) does not plan to respect his Welsh opponent

The young Portuguese national team is preparing to compete in the World Cup finals next Saturday against Wales. A chance to remind the rugby world that they did not come to France for tourism.

Everything except the extras. If Portugal approaches the Rugby World Cup finals with the Tom Thumb brand on its back, it does not plan to let itself be trampled on. Nicknamed Os Lobos, who have qualified for the second time in their history, refuse to wear the cannon fodder uniform, as strikers coach David Girard explains.

“If I come to the World Cup, it’s a dream,” he explains.

Portuguese rugby players are therefore determined to make the most of their luck, no matter how small. Even if it means drawing inspiration from unlikely Hollywood productions. “I am a fan of sports films and every sports film is an achievement. I tell myself if there are all these films, it is because at some point, an achievement can happen and I hope it will be on our side. An exploit is created, it does not happen by itself,” continues the coach. Lusitanian.

“Not fans, competitors.”

However, the list promises to be challenging. Placed in a group of Gaul And theAustraliaPatrice Laguesquet’s men will have to work hard to compete with their prestigious opponents. However, there is no doubt that David Gerrard will allow his players to look at the major nations anywhere other than directly in their eyes.

“I don’t want them to be Welsh and Australian fans,” he continues.

“We are not fans, we are competitors. If we come to the World Cup, it means representing a country, fighting for our country, and today, being fans of others, we will not be able to achieve that,” he concludes. Technical. Opponents have been warned.

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