This fruit is the healthiest in the world according to science (and almost never eaten!)

This fruit is the healthiest in the world according to science (and almost never eaten!)

fruitUndeniably, it makes Good for our body. The recommendation to eat five fruits and vegetables a day is, above all, a call to actionbalance. Our eating habits often depend on highly processed products. The contributions of many foods also exceed our actual needs, especially in terms of sugars and fats. On the other hand, others The basic elements may be missing.

This is exactly where vegetables or fruits come to find their place. Many of them are real sources of benefits for us health. Of course, they also bring staple fibres. Moreover, and this is no small thing these days, they also contribute to hydration of the body. In any case, it is equally important to promote Local and seasonal productionin Organic Agriculture As much as possible. Perhaps we can also be doing good to our body and our environment at the same time. It is a virtuous circle.

Study to find the healthiest fruit

Of course, not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. As mentioned Vogue Francea study was conducted in the United States to improve the list according to Nutritional virtues of every fruit or vegetable. Jennifer De Noya and her team And therefore checked 47 foods to make a rating. This would particularly make it possible for us to be able to make more targeted recommendations in a framework specific diets.

Of the total sample studied, 41 references You have qualifications to enter the ranking. Fruit or vegetables that do not contain enough nutrients are automatically discarded. Results are not based on intake per unit. They take into account quantities 17 essential nutrients (Among others: potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K). 100 grams of the product. In addition, all measurements are performed Fresh products. Cooking and some preparations can actually alter intake.

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Fruit Champion!

It is not surprising that vegetables Take the lead easily. the Crusaders (big cabbage family in the broadest sense) are the big winners. He remains the absolute champion Watercresswhich makes the full score 100 The first fruit The arrangement is indeed tomatoes. However, since it is often used as a vegetable, we can consider it The healthiest fruit he is the lemon. For all its qualities, lemon is still not used enough.

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Lemon is all good!

the lemon Is a popular fruit, but in general Little use on a daily basis. However, some foods use it more regularly. The fresher the better. According to the study, lemon covers more than 18% of the recommended daily allowance For 17 essential nutrients. his strength Antioxidants It is well known to help combat the effects of free radicals and some chronic diseases. It is also excellent Anti-inflammatory Which can literally boost the body, especially during sensitive periods. It also enhances digestion.

With all these benefits, it would be wrong to deprive yourself of such a fruit. Most of the lemons sold in France come from Spain. However, one can choose a domestic productionAvailable almost all year round. the Menton Lemon Offers amazing body (very juicy) and taste. So we can do good for our body while consuming responsibly. Knowing that you can also use (organic) lemon peel in many cosmetics, there is really no way you can throw it away. In lemon everything is fine!

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