The Portuguese took revenge at sea

The Portuguese took revenge at sea

United States Sea: 2
Portuguese: 4

The Portuguese took revenge on Goué from the Marawi team, which won the first round with the same result.

Good start to the sea

From the start, the locals put pressure on Joukondiane's defence, and after a foul in the penalty area, Cisse's shot hit the goalkeeper's post, which looked like he had been beaten. The visitors took the lead twice (14H And 18H) But Pinheiro couldn't find the target.

As the half-hour mark approached, Mendes forced the goalkeeper to concede a corner kick. Silva's men took the lead in the 35th minuteH Minute 1 by Celik, who shot a wonderful ball into the top corner (1-0).

Played by responder

The Jocondians were in no way beaten after five minutes with a good counter-attack concluded by Somat which brought the two teams back to a draw (1-1). The first half arrived with this score tied.

We had barely played two minutes when Somat did it again and gave his colors the advantage. An hour later, the locals were awarded a free kick in the penalty area but were unable to reduce the score. This same player even scored a hat-trick after he shot the ball into the top corner of the local goalkeeper (69H).

The Meroites tried to respond by rushing to attack, and they were punished by Zighem, who broke through the defense to add the fourth goal. The locals benefited from a penalty kick, but Modoy hit the crossbar. This same player entered overtime at a more favorable rate.

Emilian Silva, the coach of Al Merawi, expressed his disappointment with the performance of his players: “We played our worst game of the season. We lacked everything, both in content and in mental state. We will have to collect points to ensure our survival, starting next week in Monae..

Unlike his counterpart, the Joconde, de Oliveira: “We were able to stand together and this win benefits us a lot in the race to maintain our position, even though my team fell somewhat behind.”.

the paper

Half the time : 1-1.
Objectives : Lamere, Celik J. (35H), Moduit (90H+3); Laguieh, Somat (41H46H69H(Zaghim) 79H).

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