The Portuguese from Tours miss the mark in Montargis

The Portuguese from Tours miss the mark in Montargis

United States Montargis: 2
ACP rounds: 0

Poor operation by ACP Tours. After being defeated on Saturday 24 February in Montargis and being overtaken by the Loirétains in the standings, the Portuguese from Tours remained stagnant at the bottom of their group standings in the first round. They will have to get their act together quickly to avoid any disappointment during the final screening process.

They certainly presented a side weakened by numerous absences, but they responded well to the physical challenge from Montargo during the first period. The first half, which was played in heavy rain, ended in a draw (0-0), reflecting the complete parity in the number of clear chances for the two opponents.

The ACP rounds are initially identical

It was Tourangeau who opened the ball, Brian Jahoui, whose acrobatic shot inside the area collided with a corner kick by the Loretien goalkeeper (18).H). Then Kader Mujahid's players were not far from the penalty area when the ball crept into the defense from a corner kick before Paul Bedegaray caught it on his goal line (29).H).

In the last minute for ACP Tours, Alexis Vandenplas, well positioned on the edge of the penalty area, was unable to get his effort on target. The Portuguese from Tours held up well against a tough team, who were often on the verge of commitment, but the rest of the matches went their way.

Chances of a draw

Through a quick counter-attack from the left wing, winger Lasudre dropped back into the pivot before losing his balance in the penalty area. And about the penalty kick won by Thorin (1-0, 56H).

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Spurred on by this twist of fate, ACP Tours pulled out its reserves to try and get back into the match. Chances of Riley Tastet (70H) and Rayyan Jahawi (76H) He deserved a better result.

But by discovering themselves, the Portuguese from Tours gave Montargo the opportunity to take cover once and for all with Brian Thoren, who took advantage of Paul Bedegaray's timely exit to score into an empty net (2-0, 77).H). He needed a good comeback on his line from Hugo da Costa (86H) to avoid harsher punishment for Turang residents.

Half time: 0-0.
to rule: Mr. Maaref.
Objectives : Thorin (56H S, 77H).

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