The negotiations seem to have dragged on

The negotiations seem to have dragged on

Microsoft and video game publisher Activision Blizzard have reportedly decided not to complete their merger While the deadline was set for July 18th. Pending the UK Competition Authority’s decision, both companies intend to give themselves time.

according to ReutersAnd Microsoft However, he sought to extend the contract to avoid any potential interest Activision from other buyers, and to ensure that the manufacturer of Call of duty He does not change his mind until the deal is completed.

Modifying the contract opens the possibility of amending the financial terms of the agreement, Activision You may seek to exploit it.

Negotiations dragged on due to legal battles. On Friday, the Federal Trade Commission’s request to halt the merger was denied on appeal. The first trial gave him a lot on July 11.

Microsoft Sunday struck a deal with Sony to keep the game Call of Duty from Activision on consoles Play Station for 10 years after the acquisitionActivision by Microsoft. District Court Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley denied the FTC’s request to put that deal on hold, citing an undertaking Microsoft for maintenance Call of dutythere Play Station and its agreement with Nintendo for the game Nintendo Switch. The judge found that this agreement would not reduce competition, but would give consumers better access Call of duty and other content fromActivision.

Microsoft has They got permission to buy Activision in the US, but on Monday a group of players asked the Supreme Court to block the deal. That request was denied on Tuesday.

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but, Microsoft It has yet to win approval from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is the last major hurdle to closing the deal.

Last week, the CMA extended the deadline for making its final decision on the deal to August 29 so it could consider a new proposal from Microsoft.

It appears the Xbox maker is planning to sell some UK cloud gaming rights in order to get approval for the merger.

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