The nation collapses at the end of the match against the Portuguese Mihoun

The nation collapses at the end of the match against the Portuguese Mihoun

Portuguese Mihon: 2
Homeland: 0

The first period can be summarized by the duel between the Lusitanian striker Viot and the homeland defense. Two shots from Viot in the first five minutes were taken by goalkeeper Al-Andrian. Then on the twentiethHHe recovered from scratching his flat foot on the pole, but the same fate remained on the twenty-seventh day.H.

He finally got the position on the 31stH With a stroke of twenty metres. The Portuguese were not as successful as the Fuatuisa duel, which they lost in the 39th roundH With the visiting doorman and this lobe of A. Bolandi, who destroyed the post.

Watan concedes a penalty kick

However, Watan started the second half better, and got the first chance of the match with a header from the far post by J. Perishon in the 51st minute.HAn exit from his goal by one of the defenders, and this acrobatic return by Da Costa in the 61st minuteH In the arms of the goalkeeper.

But at the age of 81HWatan awarded a penalty kick after pushing behind Mr. Boudouin's back on Fuatuisa, who was heading towards the goal. Turnaround by Loué (1-0). In stoppage time, Voyot finally got the hang of it and killed off any suspense on the counter-attack (2-0, 90H+2).

Vatanais coach Nicolas Bordin can only regret these last ten minutes: “My group was a bit toned down after last weekend as we were on the verge of survival and we felt it physically at the end. However, we rebalanced the sparring well at the start of the second half as the match could have turned around even if Their victory was not undeserved.

the paper

Half time: 0-0.
to rule: Mr. Fontenot.
Objectives : Loya (81H S), Viot (90H+2).
Warnings: In Mehun, Braga (25H), Hardy (90H; In Watan, M.Baudouin (23H) Peru (79H).

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