Cup du Cher: Saint-Dolchar – Bourget Moulon B and Portuguese de Bourget – Troyes, four clubs on the cusp of the final

Cup du Cher: Saint-Dolchar – Bourget Moulon B and Portuguese de Bourget – Troyes, four clubs on the cusp of the final

Both Coupe du Cher semi-finals are highly anticipated to be played on Wednesday 1 May (2:30pm). At Aubigny-sur-Nère for one, and at Saint-Amand-Montrond for the other.

One eye in Aubigny-sur-Nère, one in Saint-Amand-Montrond: football fans in the division will have to broaden their horizons this Wednesday if they want to follow the Coupe du Cher semi-final. The decision was made in 2023 but implemented in 2024, and the transfer to the North and South division of this event was not really unanimous among the clubs in the division. Or unanimously against it.

Transfers that do not satisfy the clubs

Thus, Troyes (R2) and the Portuguese of Bourges (R3) lament in unison the “deplorable state of the land” that awaits them in the capital Boischaut. “It's a shame,” said Trsidia's coach, Yann Ménard, who has already won the event with the Portuguese. It should be a good match, but given the circumstances, we would have to flip the coin and it might fall to one side or the other. But it's still 50-50. »

The Coupe du Cher final returns to Stade Jacques Rimbault

In fact, if EST have been hierarchically superior this season, it will undoubtedly be the opposite in August as the Portuguese from Bourges have confirmed their promotion and Troyes no longer has any hope of maintaining it. The coach of the defending champion, Mouloud Merabti, says: “But all this dynamism does not exist in the cup match.” The proof of this is that in 2023 his team that was relegated to R3 beat in the final a team from Saint-Doulchard that rose to R1. “In this type of match, the challenge is to be actors and not spectators,” the technician continues. For now, throughout our journey we have been able to do things right, and I hope that continues during this meeting. For me, the challenge is more about getting to the final than just getting my feet on the turf at Rimboldt Stadium. »

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Consensus on the final in Rimbault

Because if the semi-final locations had sparked discontent, the return of the event's final to Stade Jacques Rimbault, six years after the Moulon-Saint-Amand saga, was unanimous. “It is clearly the biggest stadium in the division hosting this event,” says Yann Ménard. The Coupe de l'Indre final is at Gaston Petit, and the Coupe du Cher final has to be at Rimbault for me, that's part of it. »

Thus, the last winner of the Berruyère venue, Bourges Moulon, has the opportunity to perform there again this year. With his reserve (R2) since his first team, in Zone 3 during the 2018 coronation, he now plays in National 3 and no longer has access to the Coupe du Cher. “For us, the real goal remains to stay in the tournament,” says Wahib Al-Asri before facing Saint-Dolchar in Aubigny-sur-Ner. But we want to enjoy this competition to the fullest. Every week in the tournament we have reinforcements from N3, but that is not the case in the cup and therefore gives the opportunity to the whole group and especially the youngsters to express themselves. »

[En photos] The first Cher Cup for Bourget-Moulon

In contrast, Dolchardiens (R1), doomed to return to Zone 2, assumes its status as favorites without forgetting past mistakes and defeat in last year's final. “It's a meeting we remember and it serves us,” says coach and sometime player Romain Dupuis. In difficult terrain, we know that anything can happen. »

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