The leak gave more details about the Borderlands branch

Borderlands fans can rejoice: As it was announced last spring, they will soon be able to enjoy Role Franchise and… Yesterday’s leak allowed us to learn more.

Featured Image: Gearbox

First of all, the title of this new opus, developed by GearBox and 2K, will be just New Tales from the Borderlands.. It was an Amazon post that provided several clues, including the cover image of the upcoming game’s deluxe edition.

These images were widely transmitted everywhere, and soon these images disappeared from social networks, just like the Amazon page in the origin of the leak.

In this famous link, the release date scheduled for October 21, 2022 was mentioned, as well as some details about the characters who will be at the center of the action.

In a story that will take place between the events of Bordelands 2 and 3, we will be able to follow the scientist Opus, her brother Octavio, and the hunter Fran. In their search for a safe place, we can of course meet characters from previous games.

So we can put this in our mouths while we wait for the movie…or confirmation of the possibility of Borderlands 4? We wish!

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