Microsoft Teams powers the metaverse with Mesh. But isn't it already too late?

Microsoft Teams powers the metaverse with Mesh.  But isn't it already too late?

Since 2020, organizations and employees alike have discovered the need for technology that helps them feel connected, no matter where they work. At Microsoft, we've greatly improved the Teams remote working tool, and at the end of last year, we talked about Mesh, a new 3D experience built into the software.

A more immersive Microsoft Teams experience than ever

Over the years, we've learned that a thriving workplace fosters true human connections, allowing employees and teams to build meaningful relationships built on trust so they can reach their highest potential.Microsoft explains.

Ainsi, Microsoft said that the new outil mesh screen was presented as a solution that allows for different connections in a company's home and connects as it connects to a 3D immersive space, which allows for connections and other valuable events from this connection as well. face to face. Thus digital interaction evolves from audio to video, and now to spatial interaction.

To take advantage of Mesh, simply go to the menu “an offer“From the teams meeting. Here we choose the option.”Immersive space“With just a few clicks, we can turn a classic (understandably 2D) meeting into a completely new, immersive 3D experience.

Mesh offers a series of virtual environments”Ready to use“, which companies can customize with everything from informational videos to logos, without having to enter any code. Through the Unity engine and Mesh resource suite, it's possible to create immersive, personalized experiences, adapted to each company's needs.

Microsoft points out that the Mesh solution has been tested for about two years by a few distinguished customers, such as Accenture and pharmaceutical company Takeda, who have praised the benefits of these more immersive meetings.

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For now, Microsoft's Mesh solution is only available in the desktop version and on Meta Quest VR headsets, for a more immersive experience. Microsoft offers a free six-month trial to anyone who already has a business account.

Now we'll see if this new network functionality will appeal to employees, but nothing is less certain given the relative lack of interest (including at Microsoft) in this kind of immersive technology…

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