The improbable leap from this 110-meter Portuguese player to qualify for the semi-finals!

You don’t see this gesture often on the athletics track and yet Joao Vitor Oliveira does it. This Tuesday, August 16, in the middle of the morning, the 110-meter hurdles series took place at the European Championships in Munich. A place in the semi-finals was at stake and the Portuguese athlete threw himself onto the goal line to secure his ticket to the next round.

For sprint discipline, athletes used to do a “break,” an action that consisted of throwing the shoulders forward to cross the finish line, counting the top of the bust first. The Lucian player decided to throw his whole body to give himself every opportunity to pass in front of his opponents, and it paid off when he beat Belgian opponent Michel Obasiy to the post. Joao Vitor Oliveira finished fourth in his series and qualified for the semi-finals within a thousandth of a second.

The Portuguese is not on his first try! He actually made this amazing gesture in early July, during the Portuguese Championship. The one running in the jersey of his club, Benfica Lisbon, had jumped to cross the finish line in first place. And again it worked!

He was three hundred ahead of Abdellarnega, the Sporting Lisbon rival, and thus became the champion of Portugal. Note that he also used his autograph gesture during the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Superman doesn’t always wear a robe!

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