Annecy 2022: “Spider-Man” leaves the festival silent!

IThey look tired but relaxed. On Tuesday afternoon, having fallen side-by-side on the sofa of a mansion in Annecy, directors Joaquim dos Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin K Thompson still enjoyed the massive welcome received the day before, showing off a handful of scenes from Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse In front of an energetic audience, at the age of 46e Annecy International Animation Film Festival. direct continuation of The next generation of Spider-ManA little masterpiece that won the 2019 Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Via the spider verse He continues the adventures, in an alternate dimension, of young Latin American Miles Morales under a spider mask. Released in 2018, the previous movie was the first to be explored, long before that Spider-Man No Way Home or the last Doctor StrangeMultiverse Concept: In his universe (baptized by Earth-1610 in the comics), Miles becomes a spider and then joins four copies of himself from other parallel worlds to battle the fearsome Kingpin, while avoiding a multidimensional catastrophe.

Visually stunning with its innovative blend of graphic and texture styles, New generation Attracting fans young and old on the web, he has served up a purely animated film that combines action, emotion and hilarious humor but always respects the legend. miracle. Its performance at the worldwide box office ($375 million, on a budget of 90 million), certainly far from the billion collected by other live-action superhero films, nonetheless made it a lucrative enough business to launch a new franchise. It is scheduled to be shown in French theaters on May 31, 2023 (June 2 in the US), Via the spider verse So he will continue Miles Morales’ journey in his life as a superhero, but this time he will be the one who will explore the different worlds of the Multiverse, led by his multidimensional counterpart Spider-Gwen. The movie will be followed by a very mysterious third part in 2024 called Behind the spider verse, is currently being filmed which will complete the triptych. A hellish schedule for managers and their teams subject to unsustainable deadlines. Moreover, the output I’m sorrywhich was originally scheduled for October 2022, has been postponed by seven months.

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It is our responsibility to present an unexpected spectacle to the audience, which will move from the medium to new heights.Justin K. Thompson, Co-Director

Expected on Monday, June 13th at the Bonlieu Great Hall, photos Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse (Review of the teaser video Sony revealed in December 2021, plus two great excerpts, plus photo and animation tests) Anyway it left audiences speechless. In the beginning, father: Via the spider verse It will already live up to its illustrious predecessor. “I do not like the word pressure, but yes, we have a responsibility to present the audience with an unexpected spectacle, which will take the medium to new heights, without losing sight of the fact that above all the story of the character: Miles Morales”, entrusts to pop stitch Justin K. Thompson, the only member of the triple director working directly on it New generation (as such production designer).

Co-Director of Fantastic drunk At Pixar, Kemp Powers assumes his stature as a newcomer: “Like many people, I haven’t seen success New generation. When I read the first announcement about the project, I believed in live video. I realized my mistake when I watched the movie while I was working drunk in Pixar. Fabulous! did not expect that! New generation Exactly the same effect on me as Mad Max Fury Road And the parasite. The movie fell a bit under the radar when it was released, but its popularity was boosted by its Oscar and streaming. I keep reading reviews online from people who find it out and don’t believe it. »

As for Joaquim dos Santos (slightly related to his middle name: Arana, spider in Portuguese!), remembers that it will show at least 240 characters and six dimensions Via the spider verse And her sequel: “Attention: 240 characters obviously doesn’t mean there’s a story for everyone! Between the teaser and the clips I watched on Monday, I’ve already glimpsed four dimensions and we can’t wait to show you the others. We’re all proud of the result because, unlike so many other movies, Superheroes, we’ve already involved original comedians, such as Rick Leonardi and Brian Stilfriez, in the character designs.Continued to be written by the prodigy duo Chris Miller/Peter Lord (directors The Great Lego Adventure, 21 Jump Street and its complement…), I’m sorry It promises an explosion of colors and movements at least as crazy as its predecessor. What about the two snippets that formed the true main course of the Annecy event session?

Stunning action scene at the Guggenheim Museum

It was actually shown by Miller and Lord last April, during CinemaCon in Las Vegas, these two sequences were taken from the film’s opening. In the first 11 minutes, we discover the world of Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman (friends’ Spider-Gwen, still played by Hailee Steinfeld), in New York: In Earth-65, this female variation of Spider-Man is a young, only daughter raised by her cop father ( George Stacy, who doesn’t know her secret identity) and wanted by the police to kill… Peter Parker. After a scene of dialogue between the Stacys at their home, the excerpt continues with the attack on the Guggenheim Museum by an alternate version of Vulture (the historical enemy of Spider-Man in the Comics), with sports looks and mechanisms taken from the image of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine. Linguistic details: This eagle speaks Italian! Spider-Gwen intervenes but the attacker quickly takes over, and before a fatal blow, the heroine is rescued in the extreme by other intruders from another dimension: Miguel O’Hara, alias Spider-Man 2099 (voiced by Oscar Isaac) and the Five Spider-Women. Black Pregnant Month Jessica Drew (Issa Rae).

At the end of the fight and after the three spiders Combining their efforts to dodge danger, George Stacy uses a moment of inattention from the heroes to hold Spider-Gwen (still considered lethal by the authorities) at gunpoint, who removes her mask and reveals to her distraught father. Identity…no time to breathe! Her two partners rescue her from this bad situation and take her to another dimension, under her father’s nose and beard. And we, the audience, because we witnessed a fireworks display with this sequence constantly on the go, constantly inventive, always bewildered by its dynamism and aesthetics. Spider-Man 2099’s colossal, high-tech look will be all the rage, while Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew is the heroine with the ultimate in charisma. And again: most of the plans are not finished!

The second excerpt, about four minutes long, shows Miles Morales arriving late for an orientation appointment between his parents and his high school educational counselor. A hilarious and poignant discussion revolves around the future of a young man who wants to start school at Columbia University (in midtown Manhattan) while his parents want to keep him in Brooklyn. Between his outcast cop father and his violent mother, the scene unfolds in a delicious little family comedy, before Miles is forced to leave the scene in a hurry after being panicked by his proverbial spider sense, which indicates imminent danger… The sequence ends with a reversal. mysterious counselor mrs.I Morales: “Your son is lying to you, and I think you know that.”

Annecy’s applause was a real vitamin injection for usJoaquim dos Santos, Co-Director

The directors at Annecy have finally revealed, this time in a global singularity, the identity and form of the main villain in this adventure: The Spot. Created in 1984 in the magazine Peter Parker: The Amazing Spider-Manrenamed La Tâche in the magazine Nova From the Lug editions published in the comic book France, this character with a white silhouette dotted with black circles has the ability to control the multi-dimensional passage at will thanks to the ebony circles fired like several portals. Played by Jason Schwartzman (regular in the Wes Anderson films), The Spot is, at first glance, a slightly disappointing choice, but the authors assure him: the more he perfects his powers over the course of the story, “the more menacing he becomes that could plunge the entire multiverse into the abyss” . Other sketches and test animations directing a new series of “Haaaa” and “Hoooo” will end with the audience applauding wildly at the end of the 45-minute presentation.

Behind the scenes, as Lord and Miller revealed in Las Vegas, about a thousand people worked tirelessly for more than two years to make it happen. Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse. This is 200 more than a day New generation Which was already beating all records in terms of logistics. We dare not imagine the amount of computer gadgets and the degree of technology mobilized to make a hair-blowing film as responsible as it was in 2018. The trio of directors admit that Annecy’s cheers had little effect: “Wow, we can really use you some days in the office! Our knights announced On stage.Joaquim dos Santos documents at the end of our short talk: “This applause was a real shot at vitamins that reassured us that we were heading in the right direction, to do our job well. I can’t wait to show you the sequel. And we discover it.

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