The gameplay and the city of San Amsterdam are dissected through developments

Always busy shaping up their next Skate game (in skate style.), Full Circle Studio has reunited once again to provide an update on production and work done since their last “Boardroom”, which was already 4 months ago. The first interesting detail we learn is that the team has completely reworked the animations, so they look more fluid and natural. This means that all motion capture has been recreated from scratch, just to start on a good basis. In fact, until now, the developers of every skateboarding game have been stacking new animations on top of the old ones with each new episode, making the game noticeably heavier. Be more consistent with what is being done today in the skateboarding world. By the way, this ski. He will go even further in the acrobatics they will perform, with the possibility of interacting with elements of the decor, such as hanging on a horizontal bar before landing on his board.

This meeting room No. 2 is also an opportunity to talk about the fictional city of San van Amsterdam, where you can roam freely on a skateboard or on foot. The Full Circle developers wanted a more open approach to exploration, with the ability to climb the walls of buildings. Best, in this game, the player will have the possibility to create his own builds, and then use them to grind. Obviously, the game images that are shared are far from representative of the final result, and most of them do not contain the final textures. But all of this offers a nice glimpse into what lies ahead in 2023.

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