The frenzy of opening a Nike store in Montreal

The frenzy of opening a Nike store in Montreal

The opening of a large Nike store in downtown Montreal attracted many curious people earlier this week.

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The US company’s flagship store has been under construction since 2022, a sign that customers are eagerly awaiting its opening.

According to multiple videos posted to TikTok on Thursday and Friday, dozens of customers lined up along the business located in the Montreal Eaton Center on St. Catherine Street.

Performance sports shoes, apparel and accessories: fans of the brand were willing to do anything to be the first to enter the store.

Once the ribbon was cut, customers rushed to the aisles of the store to get the items.

A video posted by user @sullivanryan shows the atmosphere on Nike’s official opening day.

A DJ also attended the occasion, while staff escorted customers up two floors of the main store.

He concludes, “Good atmosphere, nice shop and opens today July 21, 2023.”

On its website, the mall presents the store as “designed to deliver an immersive and personalized shopping experience,” which “communicates the brand’s rich heritage and commitment to excellence.”

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