Here are Dr. Jimmy Muhammad's tips for living longer

Here are Dr. Jimmy Muhammad's tips for living longer

He is known for his many weight loss tips. Today, Dr. Jimmy Muhammad shares with us his tips regarding longevity. The famous doctor has just released a book titled “ Zero restrictions to stay young » To the editions Flammarion. On the occasion of the publication of this work, Dr. Jimmy Muhammad used his column on the morning radio from right to left To reach His top three tips for living longer and healthier.

Sleep better

To live longer, you need to escape stress. To escape stress, you need to sleep (and get good sleep). “Lack of sleep is stressful on the body. Conversely, when you sleep, you have what we call telomeres which are like little sutures that come in and repair your cells. So good aging simply starts with good sleep!” The expert explains.

For our part, we add that“This must be sleep again.” To have a positive effect on the body. To sleep well, feel free to focus on small rituals including relaxation exercises and beauty routines. Also remember to change your bedding if necessary and create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom using beautiful bed linen. Finally, try other tips like Circles' melatonin-based mouth spray to get restful sleep.

Follow a healthy diet

There's no doubt about it: good physical and mental health starts with the stomach. To live as long as possible, So you should follow a healthy, balanced diet throughout your life… but it's not too late to start!

“One study shows that if at age 60 you replace ultra-processed products, sugary soft drinks or fast food with fruits, vegetables, nuts, good oils, lentils, white fish…what we call the Mediterranean diet, know that you can increase your life expectancy.” Up to 9 years » Dr. Jimmy Muhammad says.

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Have a social life

Isolation can be a sign of depression and therefore anxiety or stress. Conversely, having good social relationships is essential for good health. Did you know ? There is a study conducted by Harvard University, which is the longest ever, on happiness, which began in 1938 and is still ongoing. To do this, the researchers followed people from all social backgrounds, from disadvantaged neighborhoods to more affluent neighborhoods. Then they analyzed their physical and mental condition but also passionate. The result of this study? Having friends and family contributes more to happiness and mental health than money, for example.

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