He reveals all about his conflict with Cristiano Ronaldo

He reveals all about his conflict with Cristiano Ronaldo


He reveals all about his conflict with Cristiano Ronaldo

Published on 9 November 2023 at 00:00

Fernando Santos, Portugal’s national team coach for eight years, had a special relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. But as the Portuguese technician revealed in an interview with A Bola, the two men no longer speak to each other. Indeed, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner never forgave him for putting him on the bench during the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup against Switzerland.

Cristiano Ronaldo participated as a free agent in the World Cup in Qatar. Not happy that he lost his place Manchester UnitedAnd Portuguese Red Devils He ended their cooperation. but with PortugalThe Ballon d’Or was also relegated five times to the bench. During the round of 16 vs Swiss (6-1) and the quarter-finals vs The Kingdom of Morocco (1-0), Fernando Santos He preferred it Gonzalo Ramos.

“It was not an easy decision”

Decision from the previous coach Portugal Which harmed his relationship with him Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, in an interview with In Pula, Fernando Santos They revealed they haven’t spoken since the World Cup. ” Today I will make the same decision. It was a tactical decision. I have to think about the team first. Strategically, I think it was the best decision. We discussed this with my technical staff, and it was not an easy decision. Even for personal matters, related to friendship, it was a huge burden. actually. But I had to make a bigger decision and I thought it was better “, he declared.

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“He didn’t understand”

however, Fernando Santos Ready to reconnect with it Cristiano Ronaldo : ” It is true that on the day of the match (against Switzerland, editor’s note), when I went to explain to him that he would not play and why he would not play, he did not understand. But I understand his reaction! I have already explained that this period was very worrying for him, and I understand that because for him it is a friend who puts it aside. For my part, the relationship is the same and I still consider him a son or a little brother. The day the phone rings, he knows I’ll be there. It’s guaranteed. I know it hurts, but that’s life. »

“There is no remorse on my part.”

I believe that one day we will see each other again, and we will say: “We have always had this relationship.” There is no remorse on my part. I understand he was hurt and probably still is. But the relationship we had was not just a relationship. One thing I always tell players and always do is that I separate the professional side from the personal side very well. My relationship with Cristiano hasn’t changed at all. I hope the current situation will change one day. If not, I’m patient. I’m sad, but I’m ready… “, he added Fernando Santos.

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