The flu epidemic is over in Reunion

The flu epidemic is over in Reunion

Public health in France announces the end of the influenza epidemic in Reunion. For the week of August 14-20, 2023 (Week 33), the number of visits to the emergency room for influenza-like illness decreased by 12, compared to 19 in the previous week. Hospitalizations also decreased, with only one hospital admission compared to 4.

The SPF adds: “The share of emergency activity due to influenza has remained low and less than 1 over the past 3 weeks.”

“Viral surveillance at the beginning of the pandemic was characterized by a majority of the viral spread of influenza type B. Currently, virological surveillance identifies more and more type A viruses. The positivity rate has decreased in S 33 with 18 positive influenza tests in S 33 versus 26 in S 32. After several weeks of Influenza Pandemic In light of the indications, Reunion is no longer in the influenza pandemic’ Details of the SPF.

Visits to the emergency room for bronchiolitis also decreased in children under the age of two, with eight visits to S33 compared to 14 in the previous week. “The share of emergency room visits for bronchiolitis among all visits in children under two years of age was 3.8 in S 33 versus 6.3 in S 32,” specifies the SPF.

The same direction for gastroenteritis. “In S 33, the number of emergency room visits for gastroenteritis of all ages decreased slightly with 54 visits compared to 58 in the previous week. The number of hospitalizations decreased with 6 hospitalizations in S 33 compared to 11 in the previous week.”

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