The ACEF in Basses-Laurentides surveys the population

The ACEF in Basses-Laurentides surveys the population

Photo Freepik – The deadline to participate in the survey is January 14, 2024.

Residents of the Lower Laurentians are being asked to participate in a survey aimed at gathering their concerns on critical topics such as personal finances, consumer rights and social issues.

This initiative is supported by the Basses-Laurentides Cooperative Family Economy Association (ACEF), which has been dedicated to helping and defending consumer rights for more than 50 years.

Completing the survey is simple and only takes a few minutes. To make your voice heard, simply go to Or call 450 430-2228. The deadline for participation is January 14, 2024.

The survey focused on local concerns

ACEF des Basses-Laurentides recognizes the importance of giving citizens a voice to better understand and respond to their needs and give voice to their concerns.

The goal of this initiative goes beyond just collecting data. ACEF seeks to strengthen the social fabric by encouraging the active participation of citizens in decisions that directly affect them.

The survey results will be analyzed in depth, and concrete actions will be taken to respond to the needs identified by the community.

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