The concept of gender is at the heart of programming

The issue of gender is at the center of the program for this year’s first major European film festival. The theme of gender bending (reverse gender) will see variations throughout the festival, which this year is taking place in a reduced format due to the pandemic.

The Berlinale opened on February 10 with Peter von Kant Written by François Ozon, adapted from the 1972 film Rainer Werner Fassbinder Petra von’s tears were bitter. But in her version, the main character, Petra von Kant, has been replaced by her altered male ego, Peter, who is intensely played by one of her favorite actors, Denis Menochet (Thanks to God).

In the Italian documentary Neil Mio NomiScreened in the Panorama section of the Berlinale, director Niccolo Bassetti follows the lives of four friends from Bologna at different stages of their transition from women to men. Niccol, Leonardo, Andrea and Raphael talk closely about their lives, their childhood experiences, their partners, and the transition process. The film’s executive producer is none other than Elliot Page, the Oscar-winning star.”Juno”, who was formerly known as Ellen Page before coming out as transgender in 2020.

Niccol Bassetti, who was inspired by his transgender son Mateo, 27, said his goal was to report “Human Wealth”note without Binary lenses. Making this movie made him realize that “You really should have stopped trying to make assumptions about what it means to be male or female and what it is to be straight or gay”The director explains to AFP. “These distinctions are really outdated and no longer applicable. Instead, I tried to see the beauty of these people, these humans.”. with Neil Mio NomiAnd Nikolo Bassetti wants to show the viewers that they don’t have to submit to him “Performance of masculinity or femininity”symbols for him ‘Become debatable for many’.

They are also shown in the Panorama section swing ride And beautiful creatures, two other films that offer new perspectives on gender norms. in a swing rideItalian film by Chiara Pelosi, a 15-year-old girl who sees her horizons widen when she meets Amanda, a carnival who refuses to conform to gender stereotypes.

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beautiful creatures, an Icelandic film written and directed by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson, explores the agony of Bali, a 14-year-old who meets three boys his same age. But their newfound friendship threatens to unravel as they are dragged down a dark path in a world saturated with toxic masculinity. In the Forum section of the Brazilian Film Berlin Three tigers arranged in a tieR traces the lives of three gay young friends during a fictional futuristic pandemic in São Paulo.

And in the Generation 14plus section, the Portuguese short film at sixteen He explores the desire and insecurity that a teenage girl evokes by seeing two girls kiss. As a final sign of a non-binary future, this year the festival will award, for the second time, a Neutral Interpretation Award, thus eliminating discrimination between actors and actresses.

to Nicolo Bassettidividing people into fixed races is not “Only a period in human history”which is a transitional period and “No way has it always been.”

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