Fatal heart diseases can be easily detected through this test

Fatal heart diseases can be easily detected through this test

Until now, the diagnosis of calcium release deficiency syndrome (CRDS) has been very difficult. But in a new study published in the journal Journal of the American Medical Association (gamma)Researchers offer a simple and accessible test. Eventually, it could be used by doctors in offices.

CRSD: “A diagnostic method performed using an electrocardiogram.”

CRSD is a heart disease that was first documented in 2021 by Wayne Chen, author of this new study. It is characterized by an irregular heartbeat that can lead to cardiac arrest. Until now, only laboratory tests have made it possible to diagnose CRDS. The problem is that it was not accessible to practitioners, De factoPatients were unable to benefit from it.

We hope that this new and simple diagnostic method, which can be performed using an ECG in many clinical situations, will be an important step towards improving our assessment of cardiac arrests that have so far remained unexplained.“, points out Jason Roberts, one of the authors, in A I reported.

To show the effectiveness of this new screening method, scientists tested it on 68 participants with four different heart diseases, including some with CRDS. Results: The test was able to diagnose people with CRDS with great accuracy. Meanwhile, studies conducted on mice confirmed these findings.

Monitor to prevent cardiac arrest

This is an important finding as there is an urgent need for a clinical diagnostic test for CRDS“, explains Wayne Chen. This will allow us to identify people at risk, better understand the prevalence of CRDS, and hopefully develop treatments for this disease.“The researchers plan to continue their studies, including 500 patients, and ultimately, this test could make it possible to better diagnose CRDS and avoid cardiac arrest.

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In France, 40,000 people fall victim every year, according to statistics French Federation of Cardiology. “We hope that this test will help many families around the world who have had unexplained cardiac events or lost loved ones.says Jason Roberts.

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