How to disable Delivery Optimization Service on Windows 11

How to disable Delivery Optimization Service on Windows 11


Improve deliveries It’s a feature of Windows that helps you download your updates quickly and easily. It works by providing updates from sources other than Microsoft, which reduces bandwidth or time to get updates.

However, this can become a problem if you are using limited connections. For this reason, in some cases, it may actually be a good idea to disable Delivery Optimization in your Windows system. Let’s learn how.



Disable Delivery Optimization via Settings

To open the Settings app, go to start menu In the search bar, type “parameters” and select the best match. Alternatively, press Windows key + I.

Now head to Update and security divide and select Advanced Options. Then click Delivery optimization The link is below.

To turn off Delivery Optimization, turn off “Allow downloads from other computers” button on your computer. This will then prevent Windows from downloading updates from non-Windows sources.

Disable Delivery Optimization over a Limited Connection

When you are on a limited connection, your operating system automatically disables streaming optimization. So all you have to do is activate the file rated connection functions through your Ethernet settings. Do that and you can easily disable Delivery Optimization on your PC. Here’s how.

  1. Open Windows Settings.
  2. trend Network and the Internet And select the network you want to set as a limited connection.
  3. Activate the button for rated connection.

Ethernet settings

This is it. Do that and Windows will disable Delivery Optimization whenever you are on a limited connection from now on.

Disable Delivery Optimization on Windows

Delivery Optimization is a feature of Windows that increases the speed of downloading updates to your computer. A good feature on its own, however, can cause problems if you have a limited amount of data. I hope this short guide helped you to disable Delivery Optimization on your PC without any issues and save your data accordingly.

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